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Discussion in 'OTC' started by RobertTheDamned, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm currently at Bath Uni and am pretty set on getting into the OTC this oct (missed the freshers fare this year and am now kicking myself about it).

    I'm just wondering what kit gets issued when you join the OTC so I can start saving my student pennies to buy anything else I'm going to need. I've already spent a good few hours searching arround these forums for opinions on what kit is worth it and what isn't and I'm pretty sure I know what I want question is is how much I need to buy. I've already got a few odds and ends knocking arround (clasp knife for one).

    Anyway enough of my rambling rubbish. A rough list of what kit you get would be very useful.

  2. You'll get issued everything you need, but IIRC you only get one pair of boots so another pair might not go amiss.as For the clasp knife be careful If the blade is to big (above three inches?), you will A)look a right knob and B)possibly get arrested.
    Anyway I'm not in the Otc, nor have I ever been so I'll let someone who has advise you further
    P.S. It might be an idea to invest in some good padlocks in case anyone takes a liking to any of your kit.
  3. :lol: ah one must remember ones buttler how else will one have a brew up after a long hard tab!

    I've got a pair of assault boots I've been trying to break in (so I'm not going to have to instantly start doing lots of walking in brand new boots) so that's one think checked off the list.

    Its an old version of the MOD3 clasp knife so the blade is well under 3"

    That sounds sensible, I'll get hold of some decent ones.
  4. Hey, I'm currently at Southampton OTC. You will pretty much be issued with everything you need.

    Just so you know, as I had no idea when I joined, here is what I was issued:

    1 x Black Grip (Really nice kit bag that doubles as a rucksack)
    2 x C95 Combats
    2 x C95 Shirts
    1 x Smock
    2 x Olive T-Shirts
    2 x Socks
    1 x Boots
    1 x Beret
    1 x Leather Gloves
    1 x Olive Fleece
    1 x Olive Thin Under-fleece thing
    1 x KFS (Knife,Fork,Spoon)
    1 x Mug

    I then had to pay 15quid for my stable belt and cap badge.

    You also get issued the following (It is stored at the unit and not yours to take home):

    PLCE Webbing
    Mess Tins
    Hexi Burner
    Rifle Cleaning Kit
    Water Bottle
    Sleeping Bag
    Bivvi Bag

    Obviously you get enough kit to see you through most OTC activities. I would strongly advise not to rush out and buy SAS/Para kit from ebay as you most likely won't need it.

    As mentioned above, you are issued with 1 pair of boots. I spent 4-5 days bulling mine to a mirror shine before totally trashing them in the field. If you can afford it then invest in a pair or Lowas or similar before your first field weekend. You do get issued a second pair of boots in your second year though.

    Here is a list of things I've since bought and actually use:

    Helly Hanson base layer (Worn under smock on ex.)
    Basher Poles
    Tent pegs
    Hat/Gloves/Shemagh (The issued gloves are only good for driving and slapping people with)
    Para Cord
    Waterproof roll-top bergen liners
    Rite in the Rain notebook
    Twisties (Elastic trouser ties)
    Boot cleaning kit (Kiwi Parade gloss, on brush, off brush, clean rag)
    Large black/matte karabina (for attaching helmet to webbing)
    Extra PLCE Utility Pouch
    Housewife (Sewing/Repair kit)
    Sealskinz socks (Expensive but will keep your feet dry and breathing while standing in a bath)

    Hope it helps. Bit of a long post but I'm killing time waiting for something! :).
  5. Thanks Hodges that's just the post I was after. I'm a bit supprised you're not issued with any waterproofs.

    £15 for stable belt and cap badge, bargin! :lol:

    Bit of a pain that you don't get to take your webbing home, I was going to sew my back pouches together to stop them moving about as much, oh well.

    Don't worry I'm not a total walt :p My list of things to buy is pretty much more or less that sort of stuff, all the little bits and pieces.
  6. Decent jacket of natural fibres.
    Double cuffed shirts in sensible shades.
    A selection of ties without Disney characters on them.
    Smart trousers with a suggested maximum of three pockets and no zips.
    Shoes that do not glow, sparkle, collect pi55, or have a vibram sole.

    That should cover about 75% of your OTC activity.
  7. Before your first field weekend the staff should let you know what you'll need to buy. Some people go all out on the gucci kit - I don't wear much that I wasn't issued.

    It looks like some OTC's do things differently, mine issued me two pairs of boots from the start.

    Hodges basically told you all you need to know. One thing I'd add to that is bungees. You can apparantly buy them, but I scavenged all mine off training areas.
  8. I forgot about the waterproofs though :D. Despite my love for waterproof socks and bergen liners I have never actually had to wear my lovely DPM crisp packets :(.
  9. Hodges its called a norgi! lol, come on now, uve been with us since october i expect better!
    (Btw u really must have been bored to write all that!)

    Im in my second year at southampton and would recommend getting the following as well:
    gas burner (hexi is shit!)
    map case (comes in helpfull in first year, more so in your second/third)
    a good day sack (rocket pouches are ok but dont hold too much)
    everyone needs tweed! (essential at southampton,lol)
    A field watch (cheap ones form argos do the trick)
    Field porn (laminate so it can be easily cleaned)
  10. pos1986, how can you say hexi is shite? When the shite is hitting the fan, it becomes hard to resupply as it is, let alone trying to get your creature comforts (clearly gas you won't get on Ops) I used to use gas but found you can't beat hexi, especially stuck in the desert with fu** all else!
  11. ok maybe shite was a bit harsh but going on ops and farting about with the otc are completely different! was getting to the point that if your in otc you may as well get some gas to save some agro if you can
  12. We got issued with two norgies in my day... cutbacks ey.
  13. I recommend canoe-bags. nothing worse than a soaked thru gonk-bag.

    Steer away from web-tex anything/fcuk-off big gurkha knives/those issue green insoles and don't get a map case. Fablon is much better.
  14. oh yeah, jetboils are fecking great. boils water in less than 2 mins, fits two rat packs( so one for you, one for your mate whilst he packs up the basha) and it fits a utility pouch perfectly.
  15. Point of order ( bacause I'm bored ) the gary gortex isn't refferred to as a "crips packet" that reserved specificaly for the nasty predecessor or goretex