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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by 11D, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Why is it that whenever OTC chaps are out on the pop they always preach that " they are in the army" even though they have very very long hair and have probably spent only 1/2 a wekend on otterburn training area!!??? SOme chap had the nerve tonight to turn round and say " i'm getting paid for serving my country, what the hell do you do?"!!!!! we were at war when he was still doing his fuc*ing GCSE's!!! Does it sound like he got to me at all...................???? I know I should rise aboove it, but it just grips my poo.

    I'm not an engineer, but he said he was going to join the cav eventually because all the engineers do is lay bridges and the reme and signals just fix stuff in the rear!! God how I laughed! The naievity!!!

    Listen chaps, if you want to play the "I'm in the army card" then make sure you know what you are talking about and at least start to display the qualtiies of an officer, instead of the naieve, ignorant and arrogant characteristics of a jumped up civvy who hasn't got the first clue!

    I'm in a posting where I am keen to work with the OTC, but if they are going to be a bunch of jumped up, arrogant, plastic tw@ts then I dont want anything to do with them!!

    .........................Or am I just being stoo ensitive!!!??
  2. which OTC what this tw@t from? as with every regiment, TA or regular, you get one or two absolute arrseholes, but don't let let this put you off OTC. if he has long hair then his RSM needs to get a grip because if i walk in to my TAC with hair 1 mm longer than the stadard expected by my RSM i'm sh!tting bricks.

    the majority of us don't play the i'm in the army card because it doesn't impress anyone and certainly is gonna get you a certain shag. OTC is going down hill because of fcukwits like this bloke. this weekend is our assesment weekend, but if i hear it called selection, or the selection weekend one more time i will go mad. there is only one course in the army called selection and it isn't to join ULOTC
  3. ahahah, should have twatted him. Did you enquire as to just how he was serving his country? I'm bloody proud to be a member of the OTC and wear the uniform of my country..and yes I have a nice shiny army number and the army pays me, but I certainly don't think I'm a ******* front line hero! The closest I get to serving my country is being cheap labour taking some of the strain off CTT's on cadet camps! (and maybe in a small way rememberance day)

    We certainly dont use the "Im in the army" card when out on the piss, something to do with integrity..or the fact its a) likely to attract every dick in the place to want to hit you b) telling you're the part of the TA that the TA hate isnt really very cool is it... oh and mainly because we're actually banned from most of the drinking establishments in town..so we have to invent amusing names like "xx historical re-enactment society"

    As for OTC going downhill, I think mine is going from strength to strength
  4. 11D send me a pm. As others have said there are all sorts in the OTC but most are good, some excellent. I think u would enjoy working with an OTC, most staff seem to.
  5. Seems to me that there is a slight ARAB complex here.
    No your right they haven't been to war, or had to stag on for 3 weeks but to say they aren't serving their country is harsh.

    Look at your normal student and you will find the OTC guys are very respectible. They wear Uniform, they have an army number, they get paid didn't realise there was other criteria for classing ones self as in the Army.

    I bet when you first enlisted you told any one who would listen and visited home in your shiney new uniform etc.. same kind of thing. But the guy you spoke of will soon grow out of it and learn more about the service he has joined as you did once...
  6. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Steptoe, You have a few valid points, however I fail to recongise exactly how OCdts in the OTC are serving their country. THis is because of the following:

    1) There is no obligation to pass the RCB process and therefore actually be selected for Officer training

    2) The OTC ARE NOT IN THE ORBAT for the Army, nor will they ever be. And therefore non-deployable.

    3) Yes you are paid by the Army and have a Regt Number, which has alot to do with the administration of you as an OCdt and the running of the unit. It is NOT just in case we get short of troops and need to turn to the OTC to give us 'leaders' at the drop of a hat.

    4) OTC members are NOT trained soldiers nor do they have to meet the annual ITD's that soldiers have to pass and keep up to date with.

    Your Mission Statement:

    "Develop Leadership potential of selected university students through enjoyable and challenging training in order to communicate the values, ethos and career opportunities of the British Army"

    Nothing there about deployable preparedness, supporting operations ( I mean operations in terms of peace-time military activities as well as actual Operations overseas) or providing a service to the Army.

    I would say that the OTC DO serve the community however and there are examples where the OTC gives something back to the community.

    You know as well as I do that the reason some of OCdts join the OTC is for the benefits of the pay to ease the financial burden associated with their studies. The fact that some of them also join because they like the green is also true. It is a proven fact that only about 10% of the OTC actually join up once they have left university.

    I am not against the OTC nor do I hbold any prejudice against those that are members, indeed I encourage joining as it is an invaluable recruiting tool and method of KAPE. It also gives members a good taster of Army life and the benefits ad opportunities available. I just don't dig intoxicated, spotty bums gobbing off to me at 0300hrs in the morning when they haven't got a clue what they are on about. Get your facts right fella and then you can give me some poo at that time in the morning.

    As for ARAB complex, I have earned that right through years of service as have all the other "ARABS"
  7. When I did my time with the OTC, the OCdts knew their place, socially and formally, because they were made to by us PSIs. Most of the OCdts were good blokes/birds but as with all walks of life there were one or two twats that spoilt the party. The PSIs were firm and respected for it. The only pers that were deployable were the PSIs and again the OCdts knew that. I know that only 10% go on to enjoy!! a career in the Forces but I still get calls from DEs that were my JUOs/OCdts and they still call me Sir (what the fcuk is that all about). I'm not blowing smoke up anyones arse but what we are really talking about is respect, obviously the cnut that 11D had words with didn't/hasn't got any. He needs to be taught some - next time down town perhaps or a call to the OTC concerned and I'm sure the PSIs will bum him into submission.

  8. Pretty sure MTQ1/2 is equal to xx of TA training, and I've always had to pass my ITD's every year..granted I won't get kicked out, but I wont get a bounty (a la regular TA).

    As for the ORBAT; we're on the OPCON..does that count? ;] oh and we are deployable..should her majesty desire it to be so! (ie ww3 so pretty far fetched yes) - Although isnt this just because of the fact its "illegal to send people in full time education to war" or something like that (human rights act?) rather than "hell no we dont trust them" (could see the valid side of the argument though)

    Not attempting to say "roar we're trained killers" - just point a few things out in relation to what you said.

    But yeah, I still find it highly amusing that an OTC member would say they are "getting paid to serve their country"
  9. What are you talking about mongoose I serve my country, by not breeding, I think that is a very honourable cause ;)
  10. Disregard steptoe, he's a bit of a nonce.
  11. Thanks mate. Just saying you dont have to go to war to serve your country what about all the guys serving during the cold war, up to pretty much Iraq I.

    Not condoning the guy who gobbed of at 3 in the morning, but do get fed up of people being ashamed of what they are doing in the OTC.
  12. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Steptoe - I quite agree they all did serve their country as well; why? Because they are regular troops at a deployable unit and are have there fore made the self sacrifise to serve their country. Dont want to get into the whole patriotic thing really, just that if said individual wants to serve his coutnry, then fine; go join the TA and get yourself on Ops over the summer break!

    Small chat to OC OTC may be a course of action thanks. ALl in good nature of course, a point that when OCdts are gobbing off they need to be aware of who they are talking to and if they dont, then ask first before chopping off!!

    I just found the whole thing quite amusing!

    OPCON= Operational control, i.e has full command over that unit in terms of admin (ADMINCON), command and structure
    ADMINCON (As above) anly has administrational command of the unit, not full control or tactical control.
    TACON....youe get the picture
    TACOM - Tactical command of an asset, but not overall control
    OPCOM etc etc etc
    ADMINCOM etc etc etc you get the point.

    These are not the same as ORBAT - Order of Battle - basically the Army's established structure of Units and where they fit in the 'bigger picture' in terms of formation, role and location.

    Ex-PSI's I've come across in the field army are all generally very sound blokes. A good taster as to whats to come at sandhurst in the form of your local friendly CSgt!! The should maybe establish DTUS units for PSI's as well. :idea: if there was the manning in the field army to supply this!!
  13. ....Still fail to see how being a member of "army club" is serving your country....
  14. If one Royal Marine said "I'm the worlds biggest tosser" I wouldn't instantly class all Marines as tossers.
  15. Did i suggest anything derogaory about ALL otc? I thought we were talking about ONE otc