OTC in the SW

As a past member I was looking forward to visiting the 'past members' section...

But it isn't done yet is it? Like all half-arrsed MoD projects you are plugging it before it rolls out. (Clearly taken a leaf from AH, Boneman etc)

Seriously though, looks good. Is it still run by the Greenslade mafia?

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Now, just a question... I was tasked to construct a Tayforth UOTC site... which i did - all singing all dancing PHP etc. But then i got told in order to conform with DCI 67/04, JSP 440 and LANDSO 2008 the site had go and a new one constructed on the ACMS and hosted at .mod.uk - can anyone shed any light on this?
YES I CAN. Check with ARMYNET but the SO2 in charge of it said that OTCs were exempt. The rest of the army have to comply after an unfortunate incident when a recruiting web site for one of the Corps was hijacked. However OTCs can have their own web site/
Actually V=C the web site is being plugged to aid recruiting so to say it is not yet complete is a litttle harsh. There is a lot of equivocation about past members sections including whether they should be used to keep members informed about TA opportunities or if this violates the data protection act. I know that the old boys stuff has been an ongoing project in EUOTC for a while it will now staffed..
By the way the selection w.e is in Okehampton and meant to be a great w.e Give me a pm if you would like to come along to see if it has changed!!
I'm assured by the chaps at Blandford that UOTC's are not exempt and any and all units must not host sites off the army system. Only 'interest' sites which are clearly marked as not officially affiliated to the unit are allowed.
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