OTC hockey tournament

Calling all you OTC layabouts who might like that silly but extremely fun and violent game hockey......

What do people think of a big inter-OTC 7 a-side hockey tournament/drinking session? Held at a nuetral location so that everyone could get there. Each OTC can enter up to two teams.

What do people think??
how about tiddly-winks

seriously though isnt hockey part of the EMU/Nottingham comp
I'm up for playing that glorious game of kings, need a keepa? for ulotc?
what naked mixed twister with kyy jelly, did i hear you say!
naked oiled twister with KY? My my i may something bigger for you, bigger...
sorry orifice 8O :? 8O
bring back nice orifice! :(
sorry just quoting the propellerheads there...
i'm suffering from a week of bad taste army jokesand bad porn, and a suspected fractured leg, so just wait for it to fade away

With the obvious exception of gay which is just wrong :p
there's nothing wrong with gay porn so long as i don't have to look at it! And yes there is bad porn i believe i have already furnished you with the mental images!
trust me the images you furnished me with were far from pornagraphic :p
in which case i will attempt to get them scanned and i'll pass them onto you
8O too kind old bean, too kind
:| sick BB sick :roll:
eerrrrr, can we get back to the question in hand, to be or not to be???

You are all sick, how did the subject of hockey end up with kid porn. that's a disgusting connection. You know how much those sticks hurt!!
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