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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FineX, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. Some of the things us OTC lot do for you

    Recently members of tayforth participated in a casualty simulation exercise with a newly formed ta medical evacuation regiment.

    This was a new amalgamation between a field ambulance unit and members of the scottish transport regiment. As such this was one of their first major exercises, to put them through thewir paces and examine how the unit will perform.

    7 members from tayforth were sent to act as casualties during the exercise so that the unit could practice some medical respones and also the evac of casualties in ambulances.

    So it was the morning of Saturday 11th when we all arrived at Strone training camp, after much confusion as to where the camp actually was!

    We arrived at what has to be one of the smallest camps any of us had been at. It was situated just up the road from the main training camp for Garelochead which is right beside Her Majesty's Naval Base Faslane. But not to worry as when we were shown into the accomadation we found we had sky tv (they definitely wanted to recruit us!).

    Saturday consisted of a brief of what the exercise would involve and a bit of chilll out time until the exercise broke into swing the next morning. Sunday was when we started being sent out with a variety of strange and interesting injuries. Once we had been attended to we were put in the army ambulance and sent back to the field hospital where they recorded our injuries and would process us so that we would (in reality at least) be taken care of by the medics.

    That evening we were sent out with the Sergeant Major to simulate an attack on the ambulance units so that the staff could observe their responses; even the medics need to react to enemy attacks.

    Monday saw the exercise increase in tempo, with more casualties and also the oppourtunity for us to have a look at how the headquarters were run and the comunications handled during a mock battle.

    Then came the beast day of the exercise. Tuesday saw the introduction of a helicopter, this was used to speed up the exercise and insert casualties into the field ambulance location before they made the long road trip back yo the hospital.

    The pilot was incredibly skilled, making the journey in no time at all and showing us some fun manouvers along the way; which for most people was their first trip in a helicopter.

    Wednesday morning saw the end of the exercise. The morning was filled wth admin duties before a quick team photo was taken with us and the two Sergeant Majors. Then it was time to head home and sort ourselves out before splitting for the summer!

    Overall the trip was a great success and enjoyed by all. The staff were greatful for the support and would like people to once again volunteer if they have similar exercises in the future.
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