OTC Gunnery Courses Camp

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by orificecadet, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Anyone got any photos to share? I'm missing the memories...
  2. Never mind that, who won the KGVI Comp. This is still up for debate. Dont you think
  3. It was 1 Northumbria 2 Edinburgh 3 equal across all remaining 5 teams. Apparently it was too close to call, the plus and minus points added up to apparently more or less the same and they "didn't want to nit pick." Its all arrse if you ask me, there's no bitch fight, no justified inter otc slagging based on results. Where's the fun in that?
  4. I think Leeds came 2nd actually. Edinburgh came 3rd. Personally I think they make it up every year. It's a good excuse for drinking anyway!
  5. In cambridge we have a song (to the tune of blame it on boogie)..

    Dont blame it on CP, Dont balme it on the FOO P, dont blame it on the Guns see, Blame it on the RECCE :)
  6. you can't really clame that for cambridge as thats been going round for years! and anyways get with the times, it's now "Guns don't kill people, Recce do!"
  7. oh ffs i've just realised who steptoe is. He was wandering around on camp claiming to have made up this old chestnut of a song, and was intending on basing his skit on it.
    Thank the lord that he decided not to dress up the week before, thus providing the cpo's course with a 'joke'. Namely him!

    Gun's don't kill people, recce do.
    Callin' up reme.
    woo woo woo!
  8. would this be w*nker in various types of clothing?
  10. Just wondering if anyone on the Courses Camp came across a rather annoying male Officer Cadet from Oxford UOTC?
  11. Would he by anychance go to shriv? If so the entire courses camp was to be found on more than one occasion chanting the above at him.
  12. Interesting to hear Orificecadet!
  13. W*nker in a (insert clothing here) should be chanted as often as possible at him in passing, in the bar, in lectures, at home, anywhere really!
  14. Now, now people, lets stuck to the subject and not slag off this guy just because he is a twunt... ahhh, sod it. One of the Oxford Cadets I spoke to on Blue Odin IV was telling me that they have all learnt to shut up if he's around due to his habit of one-upmanship. Spakhead opinion: 100% Tool.
  15. I dunno I think this is on thread, he was a major part of our social lives, we all came together and bonded in our loathing of him at GCC