OTC for Bolton Uni

Is there an OTC for guys and gals at Bolton Uni?

For my sins Ive lived in Bolton for a number of years and have never head of an OTC at the Uni. Having said that the college only recieved University status about two years back.

You could try contacting the TA Centre on Fletcher Street or the Uni itself.
Bluebells: you should put that on the wiki.
Bennett said:
could MSUOTC alow Bolton students in then or is the distance too great?
One of the recruits I joined with goes to Bolton Uni and the TAC is only a 30min walking distance from the OTC, so I don't think the distance is too great.
I'm sure they could something out, don't other OTC's hook up with non-OTC unis? I mean FFS, we've got the whole of Wales to cover:D
Cambridge UOTC recruits from UEA Norwich, just over 60 miles away and an hour and a half by coach. I believe ULOTC recruits not only from London but as far as UKC (Canterbury, Kent). Thats as far as my knowledge goes.

Basically if you want to join your closest unit I'm sure most OTCs won't mind you having to hop on a train for training weekends. You can even claim the cost of your ticket. Just don't push for the cost of the taxi from the station to the TAC. :p
Probably Manchester & Salford or Liverpool. OTCs recruit from all degree awarding institutions that offer full time u/g degree courses.
MSUOTC only recruits from manchester man-met, and salford.....don't see any reason why some1 from bolton shouldnt get involved at msuotc if they're willing to make the journey, contact the unit and ask. Tho beware, people get ripped from salford uni, dunno what would happen if you got found out your from bolton. ;)

But seriously, give them a ring, no harm in asking...
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