Just out of interest who trains you in your Cbt Engr role? I know that the TA go the RESTART tp to do BFE, BTC etc, just wondering who does it? On ex do you guys run the large tasks like MGB etc or does your PSI?
We tend not to do any engineery stuff on exercise (which is a shame). Only getting out the MGB for minley and other competitions.
That may be about to change, but I don't know.
Some of us each year go on the Basic field engineering/power tools courses and also watermanship courses.
We do Ariel ropeway, water tower, dems and the bridge on weekends
on camp we usually end up doing a lot of mine stuff and a bit of bridging, but last year we were in Weymouth and built the 12bay bridge, commanded, officially, by a gap year 2lt, and did a lot of watermanship, and ferried the infantry accross to their attack on camp. And that's all instructed by 2 QMSIs.
Not sure if that answers your question...
Was just wondering because to run certain tasks you need the right quals and just wondered who was there to make sure everything was being done properly. No trying to patronise because I've seen blokes with years of experiance screw things up.
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