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OTC members What do you think of capbadges? Should we keep the individual unit badges or adopt a suitable battalion/regiment capbadge e.g. ULOTC the Guards perhaps Exeter the RIFLES Cambridge R ANGLIANS perhaps.
Yeah, agreed. Even though some of the units haven’t been around all that long there are some with history dating back to the late 1800s. As said its not ACF, OTCs have a right to be identified as such.
I think Cambridge UOTC's Battle Honour should be a good enough reason for maintaining the status quo.

If you were to change you should wear the RMAS Capbadge.
The only reason that ULOTC got a Garter Star in its cap badge is because the first adjutant was a woodentop. Peronsally I liked it, but if there was a change then the only one it could conceivably change to is the RMAS cap badge, which you will see knocking about some OTCs now with DE TA Ocdts wearing it when they pass through on MTQ2 training weekends.
Quick question, I seem to remember from a fam visit that if you've passed RCB then you are allowed to wear your sponsors capbadge at UOTC's is this true? Or has my mind finally sided against me?
I was always proud of my mad pig cap badge when I was OTC. Always be proud of your unit both present and past. If anyone suggested my old lot changing then there would be a lot of people now in high places who would quite rightly kick up a bit of a stink...
You should stick with your OTC badge, you are not Regs, TA or ACF. You are UOTC be proud of it.

Yes, I am bored, but OTC is actually part of the TA, hence those nice Army numbers that allow you to get those lovely MTD thingys & that military law malarky ;]
RustyH said:
Quick question, I seem to remember from a fam visit that if you've passed RCB then you are allowed to wear your sponsors capbadge at UOTC's is this true? Or has my mind finally sided against me?

It depends on the OTC. Some of the larger ones didn't allow it as it would mean a ridiculous plethora of cap badges on offer. However, although it can lead to pseudo-Waltism and undoubted unearned regimental snobbery, it is a harmless practice than undoubtedly aids regimental recruiting.

As someone said, some of these are nearly 150 years old, far older than most of the line and corps capbadges around at the moment. The NUOTC (formerly DUOTC) cap badge of St Cuthbert's cross is the only regimental capbadge with a clear affiliation to that region now. The Birmingham UOTC (as it then was) cap badge was good enough for Bill Slim, so it should be bloody well good enough for anyone.
On a subject of head dress WUOTC have recently adopted the Welsh infantry’s khaki beret (It's to separate us from english OTCs aparenty).
I don't know yet, although it is good to be different, I just get the sense that the only reason why we are doing it is because the CO wants to make a mark on the unit.

It would carry more weight if only welsh inf wore the khaki but Foot Guards, Honourable Artillery Company, Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, Royal Anglian Regiment, Green Howards all wear them too. If you see a tam-o-shanter you assume scot a cuabeen Irish but a khaki beret you just think well that’s different.

That’s not too say that the new beret doesn’t bring a sense of identity and pride its just has it been brought in for the right reasons also they should change the colour of the cap badge to silver as gold on khaki looks wan k.

Open to any other WUOTC to say how you feel about the new beret.
The celtic UOTC's have either the cuabeen or the tam-o-shanter, good bit of regionality.
Why do you exclude the Welsh from your definition of "Celtic"?

Given the number of speakers of Welsh today with respect to Scots and Irish gaelic, Wales could stake a claim to be the most Celtic part of the United Kingdom.


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I like it, mind its free and different, so I'm bound to.

Can't really ask me though as I quite liked those Speznatz combats Camp Brian were wearing. :D
I like the new colour, but I too cant help but shake the feeling that its because the CO wants to make his mark. whilst it is understandable that he wants his unit to be diferent and better than every other OTC (Except, of course, London, but thats only because theyre bigger) I suspect that its just oneupmanship... however, we do have the most TASO's, the largest camp in OTC history (except, of course, London, but thats only because... etc)
Khaki beret? Pah, you'll all be wearing plumes next!

Oh wait... they don't let me wear mine...
I think that OTC should continue to be considered to be a corps within its own right rather than being badged to any particular regiment. Similar in sense I suppose to the status of corps such as RE or RA. The reasoning behind this argument being that OTC O/C end up within a variety or regiments the way the "corps" do within the army. i.e. members of signals, engineers etc can be attached to any regiment requiring their services.

One argument that I would be particularly interested in is the creation of a UOTC badge that was used by every UOTC unit around the country. We must be one of, if not the only, part of the army that has 19 different cap badges...i.e. every unit having there own badge.

I would also like to see some kind of unified rank structure within the OTC. Nearly every UOTC I met has their own local variation of the common structure.

Opinions please?


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