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Discussion in 'OTC' started by Fedex, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Hey all,

    Just wondering if anyone had any useful advice about helping out a cadet unit as an instructor. I was thinking specifically of the Air Training Corps ('Air cadets') but I'd imagine from the OTC point of view, it's no different to the ACF.

    I was specifically wondering:

    * What sort of things do you do as an adult instructor? Do you teach lessons? Run fieldcraft exercises? I realise that each case will be particular to the OCdt and unit in question, but I was still curious.

    * Is getting permission any more complicated than asking the OC of your OTC for a piece of paper saying "I've not got a problem with you wearing your uniform somewhere that's not the OTC."?

    * How does the CRB check (that I assume you need to get) work? Is it arranged by the OTC/TA or the Cadet Force?

    * ID. I don't have anything that formally says I'm an OCdt in the OTC. Presumably, if I was to accompany cadets onto a military installation, I'd need some form of ID. Is this a problem? How is it solved?

    * What do the cadets call you? I've seen quite a few threads dealing with this on vari ous forums, but they never seem to reach a conclusion. The upshot seems to be "up to the squadron/detachment". The argument in favour of "Staff" seems to be "the substantive rank of an OCdt is 'Private' ". The argument in favour of "Sir" seems to be "an OCdt is a future holder of HM Commission." - this is where someone tends to quote the apocryphal story of the ASM saying "You will call me Sir and I will call you Sir, but you will mean it".

    I'd appreciate any input that anyone has on any or all of these points.
  2. If you are already in the OTC then why not go for a group A commision with TA instead and get paid for it?

  3. Sir ? fukcing Sir ????

    You power tripping knob jocky, all OCdt should hold in the future is a broom or perhaps a McDonalds trays as they utter "Would you like fries with that, Sir ?"
  4. Or come to think about it, if you are interested in the ATC type of marlarky but want to go somewhere then join up with the Royal Auxilliary Air Farce.
  5. well put Polar. You don't go into the role of an instructor just to be called "Sir". Are you looking to go into the ATC to cover up your failings in your knowledge and ability as a potential leader in the Army?
  6. Whoah. Hang on just a second.

    For the record, it's got nothing to do with 'power tripping'. In fact, my personal point of view is that 'Staff' would be appropriate. I've not got much to back that up, which is why I asked.

    If the consensus is that I'm right to say 'Staff', then so be it. I've have seen both points of view put forward, though. I was actually hoping to have a regulation quoted at me, or someone to say "This is the way we do things, for these reasons".

    Hescoheed, if I was just wanting to be called 'Sir' (though quite why I would be that bothered is beyond me), surely I'd want to become a Civilian Instructor? That way, I'd be guaranteed my 'Sir'. As it is, I'm not fussed. I just want to know what's right.
  7. Wrong; an O/Cdt MAY be the future holder of HM Commission.

    So, they MAY be called Sir in the FUTURE.

    Big letters because I'm being patronising.

    Muses... why on earth would you want to train cadets when you are in the OTC? Are you not good enough for the TA or just a paedo?
  8. PAEDO ?..................

    a very interesting post bravo bravo....................... :?

    however fedex you have justed cocked about at OTC for long enough why not see it through and spend some time with a TA mob before making an informed decision ?

    I say that from the perspective of someone who has been a regular and a stab and is now a training officer for cadets................

    firstly question your motives :idea:

    and secondly try before you buy...................... :idea:

    alternatively if you are proposing just to help out with the cadets and also carry on your proposed otc path to the TA or Regular ARMY then fair play to you and I wouldn't worry too much about what anyone calls you rank wise

    but for god sake


    have some self respect man.................
  9. right I'm off to resume being bored stupid by the relatives and arguing over trivial pursuits

    "are you not good enough for the TA" now that is funny...........
  10. This sounds like a Walt Peado preparing to go on manouveres.
  11. No it fcuking wouldnt. In the ACF you have to earn that rank, either as a cadet or an adult.

    Judging by your ludicrous suggestion about the ATC, I would simply call you 'Cock' or 'You white tabbed cock'

    as in : 'Oi, You white tabbed cock! A mug of NATO standard, quick as you like, chop, chop'

    If its drinkable, after a while I may address you as 'Mr Fedex, my usual, and can you find some choc digestives, there's a good chap' (See, Tea and Biccies, you've been promoted and given extra responsibility concomitant with your abilities as an OTC Student)

    PS: It's all banter. If your any use to the cadets, they and their staff will be grateful for your help and assistance :thumright:

    If you want serious answers try the staff forums in these two

  12. Edit - Completely mis-understood the origonal post.

    Ok now that i understand your currently in the OTC. Ocdts do help the cadet forces out, my OTC gets offered slots to go away with them on their summers camps to help out. Generally its bod work manning range huts and doing gate stags, but if your wanting more out of it in the long run im sure they would welcome you. Try talking to your TM about any local cadet forces needing a bod for a weekend, means you can try it before actually jumping in. Also id imagine talking to the AIs about what training youve had so far would help.

    Also how youll be welcomed - its down to the unit. Ive had friends go off and be pretty much shunned by the AIs, others have went away and had a blast with them. As said its a case of they are not sure how to deal with Ocdts, go in give it your best and prove to them that an ocdt is able to do more. Though obviously keep in mind your bottom rung of the ladder.
  13. Fedex.

    I'm sure any of the cadet forces would be greatful of your help.
    I'm in the OTC and have been helping at the ACF I used to be a cadet in, and they have appreciated the help, plus it has helped me develop my leadership - which is part of OTC.
    Exactly what you will be able will depend on the ATC Boss, but without a CRB you can't be left on your own with the cadets, and normally without doing their training you can't do weapon testing etc, but you can help out.
    With regards to how your addressed I would ask the ATC what they would prefer - the Commandant of the county I'm working with decided it would be ma'am, because I was an officer cadet and because I was staying in the officers mess - their decision not mine.
    Speak, informally, to the ATC to see if they are interested in your help, and then approach your CO, through the CoC, and go from there.

    Hope this is some help.
  14. firstly I hope that wouldn't be aimed at me as I would hate to see a man of your obvious calibre drop to such levels.
    secondly no I'm not a walt allthough my impersonation of a soldier for 15 years was uncanny..........................
    however I am sure your military credentials are something for me to be in awe of.................................................................
    I also believe the word is paedo...

    remedial grammar mr duff dike I believe

    however I never leave home without both rain mac and bag of sweets
  15. I hope you know me well enough to know I think better of you than that ( plus you are bigger than me... )

    DD is well out of date ref TA; does not seem to be aware that some STABS have deployed and some even wear operational medals.. some of which might even be green... :)