OTC at Warwick?

Hi I've got a mate starting at Warwick Uni this year, and was keenly reccommending the OTC to him. However, it seems that Warwick is reruited by Birmingham UOTC... Is this the closest one? do they have any outposts anywhere else? like i know Liverpool does in Lancaster. Does anyone here otehrwise do a commute, how does it work?

Cheers, Bensonby
At a guess I'd say Birmingham is where it would be. Brum is the closest university town/city to Coventry. Correct dear readers, Coventry. Warwick Uni is nowhere near Warwick, actually on the southern outskirts of Coventry. Your mate will find it dead easy to get to Brum, just a fairly quick sprint along the A45. Only fairly quick as although it is more or less motorway standard it is riddled with speed cameras. Your mate will have a good time there - it is a very good uni. I've spent a lot of the past four years in and out of the place as one son graduated last summer and the other has just over two years to go. It has a lot to offer its students.
Does everyone train together at the TAC in Birmingham then? Whats the journey like from elsewhere?
Heya, I'm at Warwick right now and also in the BUOTC. Don't worry about the centralisation at Birmingham, it works quite well. The unit provide transport to the centre for all the training and it's an excellent oppurtunity to make more friends outside the university. On top of that Birmingham has an excellent night life and you soon find yourself waking up on someone else's floor the morning after Wednesday training.

Hope that helps

And, oh yeah, Pain IS good for you. It tells you you're not dead yet! ;)
Cheers, just what i wanted to know... It wasn't a wah, I am attempting to recruit my mate into the OTC when he goes to Warwick and wanted more ammo to recruit him with...cos he was really impressed with MSUOTC where i'm based. (Which is understandable obviously :p)

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