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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by ScouseJon, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. Alright lads, im new to this forum but ive been on Military forums for quite a bit. Is there anybody going to Aberwystwyth this year who is interested in the OTC. Im awaiting confirmation of a place at the Uni to study International Politics and Strategic Studies, but if I get in ill hopefully be going into the OTC too.

    Just a bit about me. Im Jon, from Liverpool. During the past year ive been trying to get into the Royal Marines, but failed a PRMC because my fitness is low at the moment. I was given 6months to get fit, but decided to make the most of my time and go to university, although I finished my A Levels last year. Hopefully ill get into Aber and then join the Marines as an officer afterwards.

    Anyway, if anyone is going to Aber, or already there and interested in the OTC, gve us a shout.

    Nice one.
  2. Get in training now.

    1. By the end of Fresher's Week you will be expected to be able to consume at least two triple vodkas and smirnoff ice an hour for a period no less than 4 hours. If anything else is offered to you in the meantime, you are expected to deal with that too. This is the minimum standard required and you will be expected to make steady improvement as the year progresses.

    2. There is a very good chance that you will require a change of bedding at some point within the first 10 days. Learn how to clean and dry a mattress quickly also.

    3. Following chucking out time, the tab from the Glen to Hollywood Pizza to Penbryn has to be completed in no less than 24mins and the 12inch pizza (garlic bread optional) must be consumed by the time you reach Penglais Hospital. You are permitted an extra 60 seconds if you pause to relieve yourself on the front doorstep of Pantycelin (where all the Gogs live). If emerging from Pier Pressure that time is cut to 16 mins.

    4. At somepoint it will seem entirely appropriate to run into the surf and commence press-ups as seen in GI Jane. this isn't technically a requirement, just a warning that you will, one day, see this as an entirely rational course of action.

    5. I believe that skiffing is still considered appropriate behaviour on the 3rd floor of the Hugh Owen Library, though only in Section U. Do your best to resist the temptation to hop over to where the English and Film & TV students are (Section P for example) and do it as it normally all ends in tears.

    6. Planning skills are essential. By Easter of your first year you shoiuld be able to perfect the Pizza-Taxi Matrix. The idea is you circumvent the frigmarole of waiting in queues at the end of a night out. Eg. Endex in Pier Pressure is 0100. At 0040 you call to order a pizza at Hollywood Pizza to be collected at 0105. At 0045, you call for a cab to pick you up at hollywood Pizza at 0110. You are then home and dry while everyone else is still waiting for their cheesy garlic bread. This is at the core of the notion of Good Drills.

    7. Speaking of taxis, make sure you have a £20 'vomit deposit' available at all times in case of emergencies. This is the Aber equivalent of a field-dressing- everyone should have his own and if you're with someone who goes down, it's his wedge you use. If you climb into a cab and you're looking a bit 'peaky' the driver may ask for a cleaning deposit. If you hold onto your dinner you'll get the money back.

    8. Don't be surprised if you're doing phys on drill night and you go upstairs to get changed you find that someone has decided that they like your clothes more than their own and decided to wear them downtown, leaving you looking like a pikey. (This concept was pioneered by two young blades who are now junior officers with the RRF. If you were there in 2000-2001 you know who they are.)

    9. Don't be surprised if members of other UWOTC Coys mysteriously appear, sleeping soundly on your kitchen floor in the morning having traveled the 120 miles up from Cardiff with no recollection of having done so. (Ahem- Mr Briggs.)

    Anyone else got any other hints and tips for the next generation?
  3. Ref Point 7 at Aber. Absolute disgrace that you are unable to stop yourself from vomiting, and why take a taxi when you could walk in the glorious bracing air. Somehow the hills don't feel so steep when you are obliterated. Not sure who Crabtastic is, but you will be pleased to know that I (used to wear a grey beret, now blue with a little cap star) have become less keen since leaving in 2002, but tweed is still the garb of kings.

  4. :lol: Ignore this guy folks, he wasn't even Interpol, he was over at Llanbadarn with the rest of the inbreds learning how to imseminate horsies like a good Cav officer should. (What horses have in common with Challenger 2s is beyond me, but he thought it was appropriate.) The last time I went on the lash with him he was sin-binned by the Glen bouncers. (He couldn't stand up so they sent him outside to sit on the sea wall and sober up a bit- SOP at the Glen then.) After about 30mins (during which time I had the good graces to go outside to make sure he was still breathing on several occasions) he was still unable to climb the three or four steps to get up to the front door, so they wouldn't let him back in and he had to sack it for the night at 2200.

    Having said all that, he made a better effort than one lad, now with the D&D (or whatever they're called this week), whom we had to leave in the doorway of his girlfriend's house at about 2000 because the excitement got a bit much for him.

    Furthermore, he lived smack in the middle of town, not up the hill. And it was not unknown for me to ride the beer scooter up the hill with only the kebab compass to guide me. Indeed, one night I was knocked on my arrse by a 102mph gust (recorded by the geography dept) on my way home after throwing a party in Beechings which had to be moved inside to avoid the weather (and which Hunting_Dragoon attended and ate my food, the ingrate).

    Oh, and for the record, I never tossed my cookies in the cab. I've done it getting out of a cab, and I've destroyed gents' stalls in the Pier and Beechings and many other places (then carried on- aka the tactical vom), but I've never redecorated the inside of a taxi.
  5. Thanks lads, Ill keep all that in mind.

    How do I go about joining the WOTC? Do I have to apply in advance or can I do that during freshers week? Plus, what are the fitness standards required? Ive searched around a bit but cant find much.
  6. Ref. Item 7. This is essential. Within a fortnight of arriving in Aber I had a nasty dust up with a taxi driver outside my place as a result of me redecorating his dashboard. My only excuse was I was drinking with a RM recruit at the time. :oops:

    However, I am pleased to report that there is now a mysterious people carrier that cruises campus scooping up lost drunks such as yours truely and driving them home free of charge. :D No, I managed not to hurl in it either. (Although I did hurl as soon as I got in...all over an electric socket, which started crackling and giving off a blue glow....so I poked it. 8O )
  7. As long as you wake up the next day sans carpet burns on your knees and a sore arrse that smells of swarfega, it sounds like a bargain to me.

    We used to get a discount from Gary's cabs for the amount of trade we threw their way- some nights we were too Jack to tab the 5 mins from Rhoshendre (near the co-op) to the Union. Regular early evening drinks (G&T o'clock @1630 sharp- five years before Pimm's o'clock hit your tv screens) at Chateau Rhoshendre with friends and the number of spongers (you know who you are- and for everyone else, they ended up in the Woofers) who used to mooch meals off us most nights frequently meant that multiple cabs had to be employed.
  8. 'Twas a bird driving. Being a gentleman I did invite her in for an, ahem, brew, but she declined.

    That said, I couldn't see as far as the drivers seat, so its quite possible she was old enough to be my mother. 8O :lol:
  9. Jon

    Check PMs.

  10. scouse john,

    As much as I agree with the above posts, heres something slightyl more relevant:

    There will be a stall as well as OTC reps on campus during the freshers fair (at the beginning of term). We'll have a little chat to establish who you are, we will then take your name and details.
    Following that we'll give you some free bumph (not worth feck all) and a little slip telling you to turn up at the T.A.C the following weekend.

    The following weekend you will be expected to turn up at the TAC in shirt and tie with phys kit.
    There will be a BPFA (not to the standard of the PRMC as I should know!), and group discussions, personal presentations (2 mins on yourself), 2x interview with the OC and the CO and other bits and bobs...followed by lunch and uniform fitting.

    1 or two weeks later you'll come down to cardiff for the initiation weekend, where you will have a dys worth of pointless classroom activities and your territorial army attestation (your oath).
    Then you can get ratted with us at the cardiff union which is only just down the road!!

    hope that helps and Ill see you at the freshers fair.

    Vonny B
  11. HI Jon,
    When you get to Aber remember that the OTC is what you make of it, so if you want a laddish drinking club then get to the bar and get the rounds in, if you want to do lots of phys then get your mates together and go running - (Dont run round Aber with "S***t Striders" all formed up as you will look like a fool. press ups on the promenade, cheers PTI!!!!!)

    Encourage your freshers week mates to attend selection. It is only one morning and it is nothing too strenuous - Its also a good way to get involved with the OTC social scene the Christmas party and Tuesday night crawls later in the term I recall were legendary, (Dancing in the Glen in blazers and Tie!) The more people we get at selection the better the Unit can be. Getting in will be easy especially if you are switched on and passably fit.

    Once you are in the important thing is to socialise with the unit, but not solely with the unit - as this makes you DULL. Ensure you get a good bunch of mates, and if you are on campus befriend someone with a car! The Walk to the TAC is a chore especially if you have late lectures!.


  12. this is fecking essential!, we should be having a bit of a pissup either before or after the cardiff weekend to initiate everyone into the social side of Aber coy. (and see if we can get that OTC drink back at the cambrian- ginge you really are a c*nt for nicking the card!!!!)

    One thing that I have always hated about aber coy is the lack of women, we will al be trying our darndest to reqruit at least some fitties, no offence but the bar is a total sausage fest at the mo!

    Re: Socials...dont worry J. Tee is in charge this year and hes great at that sort of shite (even if I have to bail him out by making and painting 8 wooden horses....)

  13. Very true. My house knew it hit it's stride in our third year when the five of us were in Pier Pressure and complete randoms were thanking us for the party we threw a few mights previously. We looked at each other as if to say 'who the fcuk are they?' and then graciously let one of them buy us a beer each (Carsberg Export only £1 a bottle, but it was the gesture that counts.) Entertaining on this scale can be expensive though, so be careful. I once shelled out £300 from my own pocket on pish at the cash and carry for one party, but my view is that anything worth doing is worth doing properly, and you know you've done it propertly when half the 3rd years in Interpol stagger into the Dissertation briefing at 1400 on a Wednesday afternoon with eyes like p1ss-holes in the snow.

    If you want to attract the ladies, as I discovered once, big-pimpin' is a viable option. A couple of cases of champagne delivered to your table in Pier Pressure at Christmas works wonders. The key is that the staff had to deliver it to you, not you going to the bar- lots of kit -ice buckets etc.- Champion. Furthermore, as Paddy discovered, the used ice buckets are quite useful for wet t-shirt contests. (Shame that he used the first bucket on himself.)

    Come to think of it, an iceberg lettuce under my arm one night worked quite well too...
  14. Thanks for all the replies lads. I still dont know if ive got a palce at Aber (fingers crossed) but if I have ill see some of you down at freshers or in the near future. I'll have to start getting some training in. Had my PRMC in June, but basically done F.A since.

    One, or two, of you mentioned having to do a presentation during the selection day. Whats is expected of me?
  15. You should arrive with a small dossier of what you think you can bring the unit,

    Last year we had some powerpoint presentations and a few did flip charts.

    I blagged my way through with a small rendition of the an Irish folk dance taught to me by my Parents. You have to talk for about 15

    minutes on a subject of your choice and then answer questions at the end. Most importnt is to remember that you are being selected so

    try to sell yourself.