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Discussion in 'OTC' started by Hard_Target, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I've been an OCdt in the OTC for a year now, and I am currently in the stage for applying for my TACC.

    One problem: When I filled in the original application form to join the OTC, I did not have any copies of my A-Level results, and could not remember my exact grades (I knew I had 2 B's and a C but could not remember which one I got the C in - so I guessed).

    Now I am applying for TACC and have got copies of my certificates, I realise I was wrong, so now have to tell the Admin team - and I am flapping big time! It looks like I have lied and just made my grades up - do I risk being kicked out altogether? Anybody had any experience with a similar issue?
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just be honest. Tell the truth.
  3. Everyone makes mistakes, just go in to the clerk and tell them what happened.
  4. I wouldnt worry about it, just stick the correct results down on the AOSB paperwork. The changes of anyone in the OTC heirarchy noticing or caring that you got 2 subjects arse about face when you joined is slim.

    As an aside I wasnt aware the OTC had an academic selection criteria beyond be at university or undertaking A-levels, the one I attended certainly didnt, that was about 10 years ago mind.
  5. Blame it on JPA. Works every time...
  6. I doubt the OTC actually care about your grades. Just put your actual grades down on the TACC forms and if there's a issue raised as a result, admit your mistake. You'll be fine.
  7. Personally, I think you were probably bullshitting from the start, I can't even forget my GCSEs which were shit by the way
  8. Hard_target,

    The only thing that it may actually be a slight issue with is AOSB - if your admin staff entered your academic records onto TRHJ (recruiting tool) when processing your application, this info is "cloned" to create a Army Officer TA electronic record.

    So there would be a difference between your electronic record, your AOSB CV where you entered your academic results manually and your photocopies for Main Board.

    It's not really an issue, just an observation.

    I wouldn't waste your time specifically going into the office to tell your staff. They should update TRHJ with the info from your AOSB CV, or someone at AOSB will amend it after looking at your certificates. However as for being kicked out; they don't care. Let me tell you that on good authority.

    Sundance; UOTCs have tightened things up a bit. Selection events are almost a mini aosb brief in some. Speaking of one UOTC with a lot of over-subscribing for limited places a priority system is used with academic results being one of the things to effect a candidates "grading"
  9. Going to agree with my bald comrade there, if anything crops up just admit to your mistake, integrity is one of the pillars of officership, as you'll no doubt have drilled into you via powerpoint during MLDP2.

    (Slightly off topic)
    Mongoose, the rumours I've been hearing are that the mini-briefing method of selection is going to become the norm, as OTCs will soon be responsible for training the OCdts of local TA regiments, and it wouldn't look too good to have professionally minded TA cap badged OCdts training alongside your typical money hunting student. Not a fool proof method for keeping the latter out, but at least they'll be a bit more switched on.
  10. Rather than your grades, I would be more concerned that you cannot remember the correct arrangement of three letters relating to examinations you took presumably less than a year before joining the OTC. I can see it now:

    Where are we again: HY275245 or is it HU325535? Bugger.
  11. You wouldn't happen to be a certain vertically challenged member of our OTC's rather less than illustrious artillery sub unit would you?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Just to echo the wise sentiments of others, your career may survive self-confessed uber-stupidity (for the record, I don't believe your 'mistake' for a minute unless you truly are retarded to a terrifying degree), but it won't survive detected dishonesty. Even if nothing happens immediately, don't be surprised if it crops up in the future, when you're least expecting it and at just the time when it will do maximum damage to your hopes and dreams. I doubt they'll shoot you, so put things right, don't do it again and get on with life.