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What do OTCs feel about the make-up of annual camp training. Exeter have just finished a very hard (wet!) green camp with no AT (or day off), but on Jersey last year had 5 days of AT. Is this a reasonable way to do business or should there always be AT at every annual camp to give individuals a chance to relax?
It may not always be possible to provide AT, depending on where the OTC deploys to on Annual Camp.

If it cannot be provided, there tends to be some form of "enforced fun" in the guise of a sports day or something similar.

Personally, I'm not particularly fussed whether or not there's AT, and for me a day off is dependant on the tempo of the exercise. If you're getting into the swing of things, and a proper field routine, I'd rather not go back to camp!
There is enough AT is run throughout the year that in London we don't do AT on summer camp. So we spend the 2 weeks doing green stuff - which most people enjoy. But we do get a day off and a BBQ.
Jagythistle said:
And it depends what the Boss wants :D
Don't. I remember spending the run-up to one camp thinking up progressively better ways to persuade the boss that "getting everyone to walk around Arran for 48 hours on a round robin" was not likely to provide the morale-boosting start to camp that he wanted. Thankfully, uncooperative ferry timings sealed the deal.

48hrs on a warm-up FTX, in Ardgarten (Garelochhead, but with much steeper hills and fiercer midges), in the rain, probably wasn't a great alternative. With the troops spending the first 6 hours of the exercise on hard routine because an overenthusiastic SUO tasked with a 20 minute "remind people how to construct a basha" decided to to expand his remit before his acts were detected. Grrrrrrr.

Still, crawling around the SEAL compound at Macrihanish, was impressed to find that standard kit for one of their locations is a multi-person whirlpool bath near to their equipment cages. Either it's something really useful for physiotherapy support, or they're kinkier than I thought :) :)
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