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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by murphy63, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. just a quick check to see if anyone here is in the same situation in that they havent yet been paid coming up to xmas??our contingent was told by hq that it would be in by xmas but with only a couple of days to go and no sign of it......

    usually all pay is in by the 20th for me.though last year xmas pay was in for the 15th.whats with the randomness of pay dates?
  2. If you've been in for three years already you may have been "disengaged". You'll need the re-engagement paperwork available from your HQ. Other than that I don't know, I'm sure I've been paid.
  3. murphy63: I am wondering the same. As you i get paid around the 15th but there is a distinct lack of notes forthcoming from Glasgow!
  4. im from oxford otc and they owe me about £500 this month and suffice to say i am fairly dependent on it coming in! i am going skiing on the 30th and i dont even own a jacket and salopettes yet! come on OTC, where is our money?
  5. well at least its not just my lot kenny, well this happened last month too.they didnt cough up till the last day of the month!
  6. come off it you spongers - you know the money is coming, but if you really need it you should have got a real job too. i was OTC but also a barman. Some people were there because they wanted to soldier and become officers - others because they got pissed and got paid (if only eventually) - i think it is really sad you have made it clear which you are

    get with the programme
  7. The thing is we work hard for that money, and should get paid it when its due!
    I'm in OTC because I want to join the Army - but I wouldn't be able to do it without the money, because I wouldn't have the time to do my degree, OTC and a paid job! So it gets really frustrating when I put in the hours and hard work, but don't get paid!
  8. Do the normal girl thing then. Get naked, on your back with your legs in the air. Charge the punters a vodka and coke and if hungry, a bag of chips. Sorted.
  9. Maybe its been diverted to pay for Operational stuff (no only dreaming). Wait till the end of the month like real soldiers, good training for when/if!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you join
  10. It's a fair point. If we put the hours in, then we ought to get the pay for them - and that means the correct amount, in the correct place, when it's due.

    It shouldn't be the case that the usual response to pay problems is 'Oh well, you know what OTC/TA/Army pay is like...'

  11. quit yer guerning - itll tighten ye.
  12. in regard to working a part time job i consider OTC my part time job, i cant stand any other stereotypical student part time jobs. I am intending to join the army also so dont accuse people of just being social members because they get annoyed when they havent been paid, do you think i earned £500 in a month just going to socials?!?!
  13. In short - Yes
  14. Meh... I've given up chasing my pay.
    Eventually it all gets sorted out.
  15. wow finklestein, what otc are you at? sounds like you must have some uber-socials!