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I have asked several of my cadet instructors if I can come back as an AI and at the same time be an OTC cadet, didn't get clear answer, anyone know?
Yes you can but I don't know precisely how.

Do you want to be a chief pretzel and lord it over the younger AIs and cadets who are too fik faw yoo-knee-vercity or do you want two separate hats? I

What makes you think you will have time to be an AI, an OTC cadet and study at uni?

And have you even got into a UOTC yet? Competition can be fierce in some uni's.

You will have to get the permission of your OTC and ACF commandants to do both. I think getting the former should make getting the latter more likely.

And since this is arrse, and it's the ACF thread sooner or later someone will be along to call you a paedophile or a spunktrumpet ect ect ect...It's protocol I'm afraid, so I'll get it over with.

You spunktrumpet...


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The short answer is yes.

The slightly longer answer is that Army Reserve soldiers may also be CFAV but require the permission of their CO and you have to give a commitment that AR takes priority over ACF.

You would also need to convince your employing ACF that you could meet the commitment they require. Including the relevant training.

There is also the issue of what rank are you going to be. You can't be an officer in the Cadet Force and a soldier in the AR.

Now for advice: Forget it. Go off to uni concentrate on your studies. Join the UOTC, assuming you get in, or if not join the reserve.

Put a little distance between yourself and the ACF. When you get towards the end of Uni decide what you want to do. If you are still interested in being a CFAV then you can join. The 2 or 3 years away will stand you in good stead as will the training you get in the UOTC or reserve.

You will also find it easier to have a more professional relationship with the Cadets - they won't be your friends any more - and with the other instructors - you won't be seen as a cadet anymore.

Edited to add: Funny old thing this is more or less the same advice as above - great minds think alike...

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A lot depends on what county you are a member of weather you can come back as an AI Immediatly or not. Which county are you a member of?Also, as BuggerAll says, a lot of it will depend on you getting clearance from your OC/CO in the Reserves, basically, if they dont think you will have time to commit to both, he/she will chin you off for the Cadets. You have to ask yourself if you are wanting to come back as a AI because you're going to miss all your mates and because it is comfortable and familier to you. If the answer to either of these quesitons is yes, you shouldn't do it. If you come back as an AI you have to immediatly cease all contact with anyone who is still a cadet and delete/unfriend them on social media. Failure to do this will result in you being kicked out.
There was an OTC Cadet with us at camp this year who also is an ACF AUO, so it was him that got me thinking about it, I just want to give back to the ACF as much as it has given me, but also do my own thing.
Very occasionally if there is a x-over between an OTC camp and an ACF one the ACF may ask the assistance of OTC cadets to volunteer to provide admin support.

The reality is this: you are going to be so stretched between balancing study and OTC that you will struggle to find to do much else. Pay and allowances have gradually been eroded from the OTCs over the years, but generally there is a training budget for each OCdt with further budgets for sub-unit training and also other courses that are offered on a bid-for basis. Not every OCdt claims their full budgeted allowance and any carry over is used to pay OCdt to provide pre and post weekend or camp admin and other work around the unit. If you live close by and commit the time you'll find that the OTC will pretty much occupy your time.

The other thning that gets pointed out time and time again is not only that you get out of it what you put in, but the OTC is designed specifically for the needs of both the army (in terms of it being a shop window) and for the student in a way that getting involved in the ACF or mainstream TA/Reserve won't. There is enough information on that if you use the search function.

Ultimately though it will benefit you to spend time away from the kids.
Very occasionally if there is a x-over between an OTC camp and an ACF one the ACF may ask the assistance of OTC cadets to volunteer to provide admin support.
When I was a young thrusting Ocdt we did cadet camps every summer (joy), no crossovers either, it was all tasked via Bde. Still goes on today as a regular yearly occurance.
As OTC is TA, then technically you can. With COs permission, an understanding the TA comes first and you will not be commissioned in one, but not the other. You can be a higher rank in the ACF (is SI) than in the TA, and the CO has to acknowledge that also (ie ACF SI, TA Pte - Cpl). Not sure how teh OTC ranks would mesh with ACF ones.

Some ACFs have a 'cooling off' period between Cadet and AI positions, does yours?

Would your ACF have you as a assistant from the OTC rather than AI? Bearing in mind the cost involved of training you to be an AI, only for you to leave for anyone of a myriad of reasons when you finish/go through Uni?

Don't feel bad if they turn you down. I once got told by a local ACF 'We don't encourage Regulars to assist'.


Lot of delicate egos in the AI ranks.
What makes you think you will have time to be an AI, an OTC cadet and study at uni?
He's obviously doing Meedjah Studies or some equally pointless socially experimental course.
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