OTC & ACF Forum Rules

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The rules to the board are simple:

1. Follow the site policy

2. Do not name individuals or point to them by appointment e.g. the CO of the Blankshires OTC/ACF

3. Libellous statements will be deleted

4. In saying that, the moderators are not here to protect CFAVs from the ritual of banter and slagging. You are not a protected species, you are supposed to be adults, get over the fact that you are going to get some stick if you start spouting off about whether you should be allowed to wear DZ flashes and your SAS Underwater Commando Dagger patches on your SF smocks. Defend yourselves or ignore it, we aren't here to lock threads, delete posts, and otherwise fend off the nasty horrible men at your beckon call. Realise that some of you do bring it on yourselves and that we will only step at our discretion in if something is posted that is inappropriate to the forum.

5. The general audience of the ACF forum is assumed to include cadets under the age of 18 and as the forum is anonymous we won't alweays know who they are initially, and therefore content must be appropriate to that age group. Action will be taken where it is deemed the interests of "child protection" prevail. As Maninblack is an ACF officer (and thus the "authority" on such matters), his decisions on content in the ACF forum will be absolute and final in this regard.
Not open for further replies.
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