Should the ACF and CCF have a separate forum from the OTC?

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No not another inter-organisational slagging match (apologies if that is what you thought this thread would be and were looking forward to a jolly good rant :))

Not sure if this has been done before but I think we could really do with separating the OTC from the ACF and CCF. Does anyone else agree?

Please don't turn this into an 'I am better than you' thing or 'we are all cadets' thing, it has been done plenty of times from what I can tell.



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I wouldn't like to think so.

I think it runs along the same lines as the other two, perhaps more CCF as they are affiliated to schools much like OTCs are affiliated to Unis... Only difference is that one group gets paid...! :). There is considerable talk going either way between "humble" cadets and OTC Ocdts. I quite like the fact that everyones in the same area, very communal!

Maybe a way around it would be to create a sub-menu, much along the lines of the recruiting sub-forum in the "Just Ta" area, wherin it may contain only OTC business. Just an idea!

Also, we are all cadets and i am better than you :twisted:!
Subforums may be a workable idea (A'la TA) , but this topic has been done and done some more. It's been a no in the past.
Well actually I'm a TA Private, i'm on £39.44 a day, I use the A2 and I'm allowed shoot from more than one position... shall I continue?

There's no need to divide this board, it's fine.
escape_artists_never_die said:
Well actually I'm a TA Private, i'm on £39.44 a day, I use the A2 and I'm allowed shoot from more than one position... shall I continue?
E_A_N_D are you not just reiterating my point with this statement???
yah I'd like to have a seperate forum, but its not going to happen. As if the regs that run the board respect us that much!
I vote no there is fuf all point. As Mongoose says no one takes us seriously enough to waste time splitting the boards.
I "opined" that we should split the forum into cadets/OTC with the CO's and that to me seems the best compromise. Having more forums means more bandwidth for the servers = slower response times in refreshnig the forum master page, but splitting within a forum (I don't believe) affects server response too greatly.

The only reason it hasn't been persued is time pressure on mine/CO's part as we are all involved in some major projects at the moment. I'll get round to dealing with it as soon as I can.
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