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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jackogden, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. I am planning on join Queens UOTC, and I was just wandering how many people go on to get commissioned in the OTC, and how hard it is to pass AOSB?

  2. Seriously? I really don't know where to start...... Ye gods.
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  3. No need to be snarky, I was just asking a question I was not looking for statistics as such just what people have seen from personal experience.
  4. Brush up on your spelling and punctuation. That would be a grand start in the right direction.
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  5. Considering I was only asking a question on a forum I do not think spelling and grammar are tremendously important. And my spelling and grammar are good enough for me to get into a good university to study a highly academic subject, now unless you can actually offer some useful information I do request that you kindly Foxtrot Oscar.
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  6. Stop being a cunt.

    OP, your questions are ridiculously bone but:

    How many go on is irrelevant, if you want to do it then crack on. OTCs are there to produce officers, use the training but really concentrate when you go away on courses as these are the important ones. OTC in-house training varies hugely from fucking dreadful to that of a high standard.

    As for AOSB, people spend forever on here worrying about it. Most of what is talked is crap, listen to the official line and get yourself fit and do some reading. It's not complicated but it is testing. Good luck.
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  7. Thanks for that, it is something I would like to do, so I will head your advice.
  8. Here's an idea. Take yourself up to Tyrone House and speak to somebody there in person. Much more likely to get a more sensible answer than trawling the interweb in the early hours. Getting your knickers in a twist over light banter, shite grammar and comprehension, lack of initiative...... truly you are officer material. You go for it. As for Queens being a good uni? Meh, average at best. Unless of course you're attending the poly.....
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  9. Please don't start criticising the university I go to where did you go London South Bank, and to study what, some shit theatre malarkey where anyone who can mime a tree gets a first.
  10. That's shocking language. You precious cunt.
  11. In the RN that's known as a gash bite. You will be rinsed fairly heavily as a new troopy, laugh it off and/or enjoy it or the blokes will just push harder.
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  12. What he said. Between that, and my advice of going in person you'll be onto a winner. Tyrone House, Weds evenings.
  13. Thanks im going to go to Tyrone House at the earliest chance.
  14. Your written English is bad though, innit blud?
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  15. Sighs and shakes head slowly.

    Getting into a Uni shows you can pass the odd exam, it does not mean you are going to get a degree.

    Getting a degree shows you can pass a few exams, it does not necessarily mean you can apply that knowledge.

    Getting a degree does not mean you know more than someone who has been doing the job for years

    Most importantly, getting a degree or "going to a good uni" DOES NOT make you any better than the rest of us.

    My partner has an Honours Degree in Chemistry and is currently studying for her PHD, she is the lowest qualified person in her office, ex UOTC, Ex officer, but she is still a thick cnut!
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