[OT] Too many boards?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by JR, Jan 9, 2002.

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  1. JR


    I think that there may be a few too many message boards at the moment. It may be easier and more intuiive for new users if there were fewer (message boards that is, not new users).

    Well done though all the same.
  2. Good point and something to debate here I think.  
  3. Well unfortunately unless you are in the Army we aren't interested in your opinion!

    Only joking coz we love you really...
  4. Thought I'd best pop in and lend a hand, You're gonna need a Sapper, everyone always does   :p

    Agreed with the number of forums possibly needing cut but why not give it a couple of weeks and see which ones are active before you start chopping, there are only 11 members at the minute after all!!

    Bit early for our first SDR (that's "Strategic Discussion Review"  ;D )
  5. Yeah...leave it as it is...I'm sure they'll fill up.  I've followed PPRUNE for ages and that fills quickly...what's being done to publicise ARRSE ? (I think it is a Good Thing, and the more the merrier...)
  6. No publicity really, a few posts on other 'military' boards but mainly relying on word of mouth. If we're good enough hopefully word will spread.
  7. I heard about it today (possible from a Sumo,who knows?)

    damn fine bit of work chaps, but I dont think there are too many boards,you dont have to read them all,its not reggie orders after all (although might be a bit more reliable)

    If the board thinks there are too many boards then you could always add another board and call it the boards location board! Thats it, Im bored now.
  8. You're Good enough...
    You're smart enough...
    and dammit people like you!

    Everything on the web site is just fine.  Don't change a thing and let it ride for a while.  Word will spread quickly.  Hopefully we can keep the 1/2 breeds from spreading their silly drivel on this site and keep it real.  I apologize for the 'half breed' comment.  If you think I was referring to you, then yes, you probably ARE a half-breed.
  9. I was 1/2 bred twice Don, does that count?  :D

    No of forums (forii?) is fine. Was wondering about a static board like Pt 1s that has info like CILOR/DMR rates, uniform allowance rates, TA pay and bounties etc. Just no reporting on the last item eh boss man?  ;D
  10. to pick up on a bit of wooperts post...

    How about a TA specific board just so we can keep our insane mumblings away from you steely eyed full timers, and for general TA topics which aren't restricted to a particularm arm?
  11. Humph,
    Not a bad idea we'll have to look into that one... in the meantime you might like to check out the latest item on the downloads page - just remember its only a bit of fun!
  12. very good but I wont be needing to do that exam for a couple of years.

    Any similar heads up available for TACC...

    p.s. I think it's shocking that we have to do a whole three weeks, I'm not going to get any holiday this year now :D
  13. Might be able to help with TACC.  Am working on setting up a new e-mail account - grid to follow.
  14. Its early days, give them a chance !!!!!
  15. Perhaps there are a few too many boards at the moment but it will take a while for the news to get around. I wouldn't like to be the person who has to decide which boards to chop though!!

    ;D ;D ;D Keep up the good work