OT: Cat Sh*t One - a Must watch

Botasky, if we get out of this alive, don't ever approach me, not even..............

Fuc**ing copy cat...................
Been a long time since I even looked at any anime, but by god they've come far. Really good. Very watchable and the characters are believable, although bunnies? The camels were great too.
I quite fancy re-dubbing it in English and posting, what do you reckon? Give it real Call of Duty type voices

Talking of which - I'd love to see this as a COD4 type game - brilliant. 'cept the animal lovers would go nuts. :)
This sounds familiar:

Sergeant Perkins (aka Packy) – An American soldier and leader of the Cat Shit One recon team, later receiving the rank of Captain. In Cat Shit One '80, Packy, now a major, continue to serve in the Army under Beck with in the newly formed Delta Force. He was attached to the British Special Air Service under the command of Sir Michael Rose as the American exchange officer and developed close personal and professional relationship with GSG 9 commander Ulrich Wegener and GIGN commander Christian Prouteau. Parky was heavily involved in the SAS operations during the Iranian Embassy Siege and the Falklands War
I bet in a future episode he does a tour with the NZ SAS.

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