am just wondering if anybody can advice me.i had arthroscopy op last year and now am adviced of osteotomy(shaping the tibia or femur bone to suit the cartilage )operation,which i will be having very soon,but my worry is ,if i can carry on soldiering after the operation or am more likely to be dicharged.no doctor at my med centre wants to give specific answers to this.cheers:skull:


I seriously doubt you will be soldiering on, but that may depend on where you are having the osteomy. From Wiki:

Due to the serious nature of this procedure, recovery may be extensive. Careful consultation with a physician is important in order to ensure proper planning during a recovery phase. Tools exist to assist recovering patients who may have non weight bearing requirements and include bedpans, dressing sticks, long-handled shoe-horns, grabbers/reachers and specialized walkers and wheelchairs.


escotia,when you say it depends on where i do the op what do u mean and also do u know which level such an injury might fall in the afcs levels.


Where you have the Op may have a bearing on the level of expertise available to carry out the Op with the best possible result and recovery period for you. Not all NHS hospitals have surgeons/consultants with a significant level of expertise in certain operations of this kind. It's worth asking your consultant what experience they have in this area.

Without knowing the full injury details I believe it will be covered in JSP 765 Chapter 2 Table 9 - Muscoskeletal Disorders. Link to legislation where you can find the detail:

The Armed Forces and Reserve Forces (Compensation Scheme) Order 2011
escotia,i had my arthroscopy at nuffield in oxford and did my follow ups there and they gave me appnt for osteotomy in feb,but my MO called me in to say the appnt is cancelled because the army doesnt pay for complex ops.so they are putting me on the waiting list for NHS,Am wondering how long this may take for me to get a date and if what he said is true.


Treatment by armed forces medical officers operating out of medical centres on camp is akin to a civilian doctors surgery, some with one GP (smaller Med Centres) others with a number of them (larger Med Centres).

The NHS actually pays for your treatment by allocating a budget to the MoD which is why they tend to go a bit nuts if you also have a civilian GP (happens often with NRPS) as in effect 2 different GP surgeries are being paid by the NHS for treating the same patient.

The MoD medical budget does not stretch far enough to cover long and extensive treatment. As you are a serving soldier ask your medical centre to hasten the appointment. If I am right you are supposed to be seen within 12 weeks but I don't know if this applies for elective surgery; again ask your medical centre staff as they should be able to contact the orthopaedic dept concerned to confirm and it may serve to speed up your appointment.
Fella, had a couple of arthroscopies years ago over a three year period but the problem never really seemed to get better. Had an osteotomy to the Tibia after being seen by a very good specialist who although could not advise me to have it, dropped huge hints that it was the way ahead and things have been great. Had the osteotomy in 2004 and have had no problems with it till now which is probably because i was over training on the rower and leg presses. I would honestly say go for it as it made my life much better for a good number of years. I was told to greatly reduce the amount of running i was doing following the Op which i did and things have lasted. I have done a couple of PFAs in the last couple of years but choose when in order to keep the the risk of annoying it to a minimum.
I know people say lots of sh1t about MND people, but i have deployed on HERRICK twice in the last couple of years and not to BSN or KAF.
My choice was to stop running around with the youngsters and stop playing rugby or face the risk of needing a new knee sooner rather than later and not being able to walk properly in my old age. I have not looked back since having it done and wish i had it done earlier instead of waiting till it had to be done.
Saw the doc again when it flared up in late Oct and NHS clean up again next week, so 12 weeks is about right. As i said, this time its probably all my fault for pushing too hard in training.
massive-tiffy ,my is a damage to the left knee and the inner cartilage is completely gone and the consultant told me is going to affect my army carreer,whats ur take on that from experience.also how long did it take u to recover(sick leave and rehab).cheers

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