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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by robscorpio, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. first post so apologies if this had been covered before.

    After damaging me knee (falling down the waterfalls in brecon) i was getting savage clicking in my knee/knee's i spoke to the quacks on camp and after scans, x rays etc etc i was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, at only ripe old age of 28 little I'm bit threaders. after months of physiotheripy after the op my knees feel worse if anything!

    with all the talk of brown letters I'm in the process of trying remain employable and transfer to another cap badge,im not to sure where i stand in regards to compensation (if i can get in from osteoarthritis?) and transferring if my condition gets worse.

    ANY advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated
  2. Don't know if it has changed since I finished in 87.

    After 22+ of abusing my body,doing most sports,and generally having a good time,about 5 years before I was due to finish,I started to get pains in my knee,went the whole route,x-rays,arthroscopy,manipulation,physio,nothing helped,after about a year a bright radiographer at BMH Rinteln decided to waste a bit more film and do the whole leg.

    Lo and behold,left hip falling to pieces,worn away due to the physical abuse,and pounding it got.

    Posted to the UK with 3 years to go,finally had to stop doing the BFT,Med Downgraded,8 months to go before discharge,I enquired up the CoC about my physical disability,quick answer was,to young for a hip replacement what do you expect us to do.

    Went and saw a nice lady lawyer,who wrote a nice letter to the DMS HQ SE District,2 days later a nice civvy doctor came to call,the upshot was a left hip replacement,3 months before my discharge date,they can't just chuck you out with no compo,if you suffered the original injury whilst carrying out your duties,and that includes Sporting/Adventure Trg activities,so if they try to **** you off,tell them how much it's going to cost them!
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  3. thanks roofat,

    Problem i have is if they turn around and say that osteoarthritis is not the army’s fault?! I’ve Google it and its communally known as hereditary, but it’s not always the case and is common in people that are overweight, elderly or athletes. My argument is that I’m not a overweight, cake eating old fatty lol
    i am/was fairly active at 28 i shouldn’t be in this state?! Surely someone on this site must have the same issue?
  4. RS,

    The issue here is whether the OA is attributable to service or not. This is normally determined by SPVA. If the AT was published on Part 1s, then you would be covered by insurance for the injury. You could certainly put in a claim under the AFCS if it was after 2005. Not sure about your JMES or indeed your functional restrictions, but I would assume you are MND at the moment. If in doubt, ask your MO to refer you to the ROHT for advice.
  5. Osteoarthritis is caused when joint bone surfaces are damaged,you then get crepitus and the surfaces degenerate through the increased wear,if the Army wants to try and prove it's hereditary,let them go ahead.

    You say it was caused by 'falling down waterfalls',if you were doing this under the auspices of the Army,then it's down to them to sort it out,so don't take any shit from them.

    The facts are simple,before the problem with your knee,you could carry out your duties,after a specific set of circumstances you now have a problem with your knee,and can no longer carry out your duties,that's it,you might also think about not only compo but,a disability pension as well,that tends to focus minds!

    As an aside,none of my siblings has suffered from OA,it can be inherited but,usually isn't,it comes down to abusing your body. ;-)
  6. Been to see the quacks today, been told that he reckons the knees won't get any better and to probably start looking at jobs in civvie street, also things I'm not entitled to any comp as it a condition that comes with the job!! Bit pissed of and confused now?!
  7. Get in touch with the RBL,see if they will go to bat for you,also it's only one opinion,ask for a second one,why can't they replace it?
    Given the amount of expertise around nowadays,knee joint replacement is a piece of cake,if all else fails remember it's a disability that will affect your quality of life once you have left the forces.

    As I said get in touch with the RBL they love to fight these sort of cases,good luck!
  8. RS,

    Don't be too despondent. I would encourage you to put in a claim under the AFCS. They will likely request your medical information in order to make a decision about whether you are entitled to compensation under the scheme. Do not be put off by your doc.

    Also, ask your MO to refer you to the Army Consultant Advisor in Orthopaedics based at MDHU Northallerton for an opinion on your condition and likely COA.

    Good Luck.
  9. Jumping on this thread if I may please people!

    I've just found out that I have osteoarthritis grade 1 in both of my hips. This was discovered during an xray for another un related injury. Although in the past (18 1/2 years served so far), I have reported a bad back,hips, knees and ankles to the med centre, with the usual response of "here's some ibuprofen" on several occasions over the years. So I'm guessing that some of this pain could have been the arthritis?

    So my questions are;
    1) Will I be able to put in a claim for this, as I certainly never had the condition prior to joining up, and there is no history of it in family.
    2) Will this prevent any future career that I may have? I.e promotion (I've already passed all CLM courses up to, but not including, my RWOC)

    Any help/advice would be very much appreciated please!
  10. 1. I'd not advise claiming yet as, if you check the info on the link below you'll see you have low grade arthritis. That's not to say it's going to get better, it won't, but you have a long way to go yet before it starts to really impact on your life/career. Make sure, when you finally leave, you get your med docs and claim then. If you read your med docs look for when you first reported problems, it may be that you will come under the War Pension Scheme instead of AFCS.

    2. I doubt it, but learn to manage what it is you do that causes you problems.

    Stages of Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  11. Well,
    I have spoken to the AFCS team and they've said that my claim has been rejected due to the 7 year time restrictions. However, I'm confused as to how I'm supposed to prove that it was within this period, as I've only just been diagnosed. I'm sure there are many other people who have been to the med centres throughout their service complaining about sore backs and hips, as have I, so how the hell am I supposed to pin point the time when I 'got arthritis '!?

    Not a happy bunny to say the least!
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  12. Obviously listening isn't your strong point!

    Seeing as how you've submitted a claim which has been rejected, submit an appeal but before you do read your Med Docs to see the earliest date(s) you reported sick with (potentially) related injuries. Should any of these date from before 2005 suggest in your appeal that your claim is referred to War Pensions instead of AFCS.

    You can only be awarded a War Pension once you've left service so, if WPS accept your injuries may be covered under them they may put it on hold until you've left or suggest you claim on leaving.
  13. I came out of the RN in 1980 and put in a claim for my back, outside the seven year window.

    Turned down initially, I provided a witness to the incident, who'd known me since and was witness to the deterioration.

    Got a lump sum of about 3-4 grand.

    No doubt things have changed but don't give up at the first rejection.
  14. No it does not come with the job

    Make sure that everything is documented, is your original injury on your medical documents

    I broke my leg in service - when I left and got lump sum - now over 20 years later I have osteoarthritis in my knee due to the broken leg over 30 years ago now after a deterioration of the original condition I have a small pension

  15. After my husband left the army with a fecked up knee (compulsory rugby game) , we went to a civilian orthopaedic surgeon, that wrote us a nice little letter, got a nice lump sum, and if it gets worse and he can't do his civvy job anymore , because of that injury , we are looking at a montly pension