ostbevern site guard

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ordinaryforces, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick trip down memory lane, Can anybody remember the dreaded week of site guard in ostbevern? It used to be the most mind numbing duty you could get.The question I really want to ask is what really was in those silo's? if anything at all. And if ayone's interested google earth still shows it quite clearly.
  2. I remember doing something similar a couple of times near 50 Missile Regts base at somewhere or other....began with an "H", can't remember it now. We used to stay there for 2 weeks I think. Not a pleasant task.

    We guarded the outside, while the yanks walted it up on the inside. I actually got inside the main inner building once, strangely enough, I think it was something to do with changing a lightbulb in the yanks compound. It need a rep from both forces for the task to be completed.

    Typical cold war stuff.
  3. Hemer?

    I did that one a couple of times.

    Boys hired the entire porn collection of the local vid shop. After about 24 hrs solid shagfest (I made them turn it off during meal times) they got porned-out and went back to watching Tom & Jerry......

    Two weeks of excruciating boredom enlivened by the Yanks getting caught doing something very naughty (smoking funny fags, I think) and a local greenpeace trying to climb over the fence. Unfortunately he was pathetically short on upper body strength and couldn't make the climb, since he had about 20 SLRs made ready and waiting on the other side....
  4. Ostbevern was the Munster Nord Site, run by 8 Regt RCT. Is that the one you're talking about mate? If so, it was the biggest of the sites in the British area, and had all sorts of stuff - the full range.

    Best wishes


    Edited to add - if you search for Ostbevern in Google Earth the site is a couple of miles to the south of the village, adjacent to the (larger) German site. It looks pretty run down, now.

  5. Thats the one :D, creepy place. If I remember rightly the compound was surrounded by wooden guard towers (aka POW Camp stylee). Anyway, no reading materials etc were allowed when on stag...as if!!!, I think we were searched.

    So we found a way to amuse ourselves on the Doom stag, by playing our version of the Golden Shot. This involved the sentry phoning another sentry box. He would then select a point on his A4 copy of the Sentrys Orders, while the other sentry looking at his own Order Sheet would then do the "Right abit, left abit, right abit.......FIRE,

    You had to be a Rickitts riddled sprog from the 60's to appreciate it.
  6. Donny that was right it was 8 Regt,Why i'm curious is because thinking back I ask myself was there a big bluff element attached to the whole thing,The reason is we would drive to the site on crash-out and the yank's would take the truck's into the silo;s and when loaded we as 18/19 year old squaddie's would go careering into the woods with these thing's...a tad dangerous methinks? considering the nature of the loads, BTW we never actually saw the content's of the load it was just big green boxes, which coincidentally was the exact size of a british 3 Tonner.