Ospreys (the metal type) over Dorset?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Wag Tail, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. I was sat working from home today in Dorset when there was a loud aircraft noise overhead. I wandered out in to the garden to see three Boing Ospreys in a loose formation flying reasonably high from East to West? We get a lot of chinooks (usually BLOODY Low, window shaking, TV drowing out low!) and a fair few Apaches over the village but I've never seen these before? I know we've just had Farnborough and we're kind of on the route from there to Yeovilton?

    Basic question was our or theirs (Yank?), and if it's not too sensative a question what were they up to? Bit of a long shot but I know there's more than a few of you flying types in the know so thought I'd ask anyway, ta?
  2. We don't have any. Yank equipment. Didn't you post this on e-goat recently? What was their *cough* educated guess?
  3. Sorry, but that really made me chuckle.
  4. No first post on here, don't do e-goat (I used to dig in not check in!).

    Cheers for that I thought they were yank as I said we do get a lot of military helicopters over here but never seen these before and you can't miss them they make a right racket!
  5. Sorry mate. I was checking for something a rockape claimed on ARRSE and saw a thread about Osprey being seen over your way.

    Didn't mean to unintentionally cause insult!
  6. No worries mate none taken and thanks for the reply still wondered where they came from?
  7. They had Ospreys at Farnborough airshow last week, so it could be them returning somewhere?
  8. Sssh, it was the final UK-leg of singlemalts rendition flight. He confessed on here to handling some classified Yank ASW documents.

    He's gone now.
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  9. Ospreys at RAF Fairford last week also.
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  11. They are returning to North Carolina after doing both Fairford and Farnborough. 17 hour flight poor buggers!
    I was talking to the crew of one of them last week at Fairford at the Hanger Part on the Sunday night, good blokes those US Marines!
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    You still here you bluffing weapon
  13. They were prolly lost. Two Farnboroughs ago we were all waiting in suspense for that huge USAF freighter thing to overfly Farnborough airfield, it having taken off from somewhere in Texas sometime earlier in the day. Big disappointment when it didn't quite make it to Farnborough, but overflew tiny Blackbushe airport a couple of miles away by mistake.