Discussion in 'Infantry' started by geom, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Right i have used the osprey armour and i have the same complaints that the rest of us have. i have been looking around and found some pritty good armour online. whatever the policies are concerning using your own armour i dont care about it. to be blunt its my life and i want the best for afghan. im just wondering what other peoples views are on purchasing your own body armour. heres a few pics of the sort of thing i have been interested in. they are apparently meant to be lighter, more comfortable and can even offer more protection depending on what you want to spend. all this body armour goodness but is it over board. has anyone bought their own?

  2. Troopers of colchester and dragon Supplies of colchester do the same kit for a fraction of the price (around £120). The plate carrier in the pic below is also quite good as you can attach extra pouches if you wish and it takes the ospray plates. Only around £50 as well. Also comes in tan. You can get it on ebay.

  3. you have no protection from shrapnel and the likes though do you?

    because there's no filler

    personally i wouldnt risk it... and in my unit we'd probably get a slap if we rocked up wearing that
  4. At the end of the day it's a tradeoff between having some protection to the torso on the off chance of being fragged by shrapnel or being much more comfortable and more mobile (15lb lighter) for 6 months whilst on operations. I don't know anyone in my unit that would rather wear ospray then plate carriers, though as infantry we like to be able to do our job properly without being impeded by ospray. Combined with the MK6 helmet it's almost impossible to get into a good prone fire position. Protection isn't everything in combat.
  5. Just come back from iraq, wearing osprey for the last 6 months, didn't find any major faults with it. If you strap on all the unnecessary gubbins, ie collar & shoulder pads, thats when it gets cumbersome. Also it stinks to high heaven! The filler will give that little bit more that a plate carrier wont. Why sacrifice extra protection?
  6. i'm inf aswell and found it to be fine in iraq...

    agreed reference the smell, the inside of it fcuking hums

    think i went through 3 covers in 6 months
  7. Does stink to high heaven was brand new when issued, medics suggested washing it every 2 weeks, it got washed before handed in it was manky.
    Stopped using the big collar the shoulder arms were a cuunt but wore them on top cover.
  8. lol our CQMS just burned them all

    no way youd want to be wearing someone elses cover, specially when its been worn all through the iraqi summer
  9. dont want to be a killjoy here, but osprey is fit for purpose.

    Also, if you get injured in whatever way wearing self sourced kit, expect the army to take a big step backwards as far as compensation claims go with the

    "was wearing non issued kit" tag

    I know from first hand experience that the army will and does try to get out of any claims, this will just give them more ammunition, no pun intended.

    The osprey system is good enough, once you get used to it and its downfalls it can be adjusted to suit your particular preferences
  10. You'll be surprise how quickly you get used to it - especially if you find yourself in it 18 hours a day - apparently the newer covers have corrected a lot of the criticisms such as bringing weapon to shoulder and getting a sight picture quickly.
    I would not buy anything else.
    Make sure you get a snug fitting set though as can be uncomfortable if its hanging off you.
  11. The RAF are looking at this stuff at the moment for aircrew. Eagle have produced a few sets in fire retardent material to carry cobra plates.
    Had a play around with it - good piece of kit although obviously I have cock all idea how it would play as an inf bit of kit. Nice feature is the release mechanism - pull handle at the bottom of it and it falls away, allowing us fat aircrew to climb out the flightdeck window unimpeded when it all goes wrong again.... :)
  12. you can do that with osprey aswell... the shoulders pull apart
  13. Suppose you need to find what you coc think about self purchased armour cos i would be very unhappy if spent money on something which cant use .Or turns you into a shit magnet :D .
    I doubt you can get anything offering as much protection as osprey with out the wieght or bulk .