Osprey Sizing

Yet again, Man at Q and M's has issued me with my black bag kit, totally disregarding all the sizes I put in 5 months ago. Where should the bottom of the Osprey sit?
Bit worrying you are just getting it now, I got issued mine four weeks ago for H17. I believe it should be level with the top of your hips. With side plates in it will be obvious if it fits correctly


Glad you both have yours we deploy on H17 and not getting ours till first week in June!
Our guys that have gone on H16 got their kit 2 weeks before flying and some deployed diffy a lot of it after being told they could get it in theatre.
Wish I had got mine so far in advance, got mine in the week before we went on final leave prior to flying out last time. and virtually all of it was sized wrong and what clown decided a 190 osprey would fit me?! mahusive! hopefully better for H18 but not going to hold my breath!

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