Osprey pouches etc!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by megahorse7, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. just a quick one, what are the pouches like on the new osprey?? how many do you get etc etc????
  2. How many do you get? Probably less than the number of exclamation marks on your post.
  3. thanks, however when i recieved my 'BLACK BAG OF TRICKS' there was no day sack, no knee pads, but there was a boot brush very helpful,!!!
  4. only half the kit has been issued thus far megahorse, the remaining kit is due to be with us either just before we fly out or when we get into theatre, cutting it far too close to be fair but there we are, whats new?
  5. its shit im deploying about 4 days after summer leave, !!!!!!
  6. You get a 1x 1st aid pouch, 1 xcommanders admin pouch, 1x waterbottle pouch, 1x 100rnd LMG pouch, 1x 8rnd UGL pouch, 1x utility pouch, 4X double 5.56mm mag pouches, 3x single 5.56mm pouches, 3x 7.62mm mag pouches, 1x single 9mm mag pouch, 2x Grendade Pouches and 2x smoke grenade pouches. All in MTP.
  7. Damn - more than his number of exclamation marks :). Assume this varies between teeth Arms and CS/CSS. Can't imagine too many RAMC guys needing only 1 x FFD pouch and only 1 9mm Pouch but 4 Grenade pouches.
  8. Thats probably a sencible assumtion to make, unless of course that kinda thing has been foolishly overlooked (as important things like this usually are) and you end up using the pouches you dont need as a kind of rudimentary currency with which to obtain other pouches that you might actually need.
  9. Daysack/Knee pads are now in the 16X stores - they'll be task issued to your QM's & distributed via your Regt stores - from the stores blokes yeaterday.
  10. The boot brush is designed to allow you to clean your boots so that the ventilation panels do their job and you feet stay healthy. In fact, a lot of thought has gone into the design of the uniform and boots to prevent the wearers getting foot or crotch infections. That boot brush will assist you in keeping yourself operational effective and a full member of your fire team or section.

    As to the kit deficiencies you mention, you have, of course, spoken to your CQMS or Pl Sgt, surely? If they are not supplied, it may be for a reason. The whole point of the black bag issue is to issue your everything that you will require. If you feel that you require extra kit, a resourceful soldier would be able to get hold of it in Theatre from the troops you are replacing as part of the RiP.

    Just a wild stab in the dark, but are you a bit of a Nig?
  11. Someone's been reading Soldier magazine.
  12. Reading it, bizarrely I'm even in it (small picture, handly worth mentioning).

    Actually that info was from Theatre. When the Defence Clothing Team visited it became apparent that virtually no personnel had the brushes.This observation probably led to the article, timed to educate those about to deploy on H13.
  13. That's a crate :D