Osprey Pay

Has anyone heard of Osprey Pay? Is it linked to Unpleasant Working Allowance?
How much is it for and how does one go about claiming it?

Many Thanks
have not heard of osprey pay but have just done a summer tour of iraq and we got unpleasent working conditions,

we were told this was to do with having osprey on all the time in the heat of the day.
Osprey pay is basically a claim for Unpleasant Working Allowance - This is a taxable allowance payable to soldiers undertaking work of a particularly ardous or unpleasant nature, which is over and above the type of work compensated for by the 'X' Factor.

There are varying levels of payment for it and the more hazardous or horrible the work, the higher the payment. If you are handling human waste or remains, etc then you would get a higher level payment.

Level 1 payments would cover soldiers wearing Osprey body armour. For example, if you are deployed on Herrick / Telic, the claim would be for 'wearing protective equipment in extreme hot or cold temperatures for four or more hours per day'.

So if you were stagging on 8 hours a day wearing Osprey in 45 degrees heat, etc then you would be eligible to claim for it.

There is a UWA claim form to fill in for each day of the month and your OC (has to be Major or above) must sign off the form to authorise payments.

It is then just a case of putting the form into your pay clerk to be processed on JPA.

As per usual, the regulations governing payments are ambiguous and wooly enough to allow certain budget conscious people the ability to turn down Level 1 payments.

If you unfortunate enough to end up shovelling human shit on a tour then you are definitely eligible and in my view should get a lot more!!!! :roll:
Yep, we all got it on H6 last year. It was automatically done by the AGC (via JPA I think). Just depends how switched on your unit is.

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