Osprey on EBay

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Biffta112, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. Biffta112

    Biffta112 Old-Salt

  2. By shooting a hole in his first set?
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  3. MDP do the ebay stuff, not RMP.
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  4. Biffta112

    Biffta112 Old-Salt

  5. defender

    defender War Hero

    £950 for a set of Osprey without plates. Who the fcuk is going to spend that.
  6. MDP will act on reports. Enough kit is now turning up on fleabay for them to have just bought a system to full time monitor it.

    Report it to ebay and they'll usually stop the action.
    If you're reporting it to MDP they like a print out of the page in case ebay take it down before they can check it.
  7. defender

    defender War Hero

    So how do you get in touch with MDP then.
  8. 01371 854 000
  9. Lizard_Lips

    Lizard_Lips Guest

  10. No... are you?
  11. Seen a few GSR's go for sale on there, don't think people have realised you can be traced back to it as the serial number under the chin is linked to your JPA!

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  12. defender

    defender War Hero

    One of the posters seems to have a full 1157 on there including ospray, mk7 and a GSR.

    As for the serial number my stores did not even look at it and I did no realise they were.
  13. Davetheclown

    Davetheclown Guest

    Some guys are morons, giving away capability like that, hope the MDP step in, I am a clown but not a irresponsible idiot.