osprey on e-bay, NOW!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thedobo, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. e-bay item no.170371847801

    Should someone be expecting a visit from the red-tops?
  2. Yes. Probably.
  3. Dirty grass c*nt..
  4. Yeh, me thinks someone will be getting a knock at the door. The camouflage scheme is interesting too.
  5. The new trial cover.

    Not on universal issue yet so unlikely to be surplus.
  6. Or does it come under 'handling stolen goods'?
  7. Are the plates not given a protective marking?
  8. why do you say that, don't you think it better that this piece of equipment remain in theatre to provide someone with protection or is ok for it to have been stolen by an untrustworthy individual in order to line his own pockets.

    I would rather this selfish individual be brought to justice because he is untrustworthy and has no exercised no thought for the well being of others who would have replaced him in theatre.
  9. Totally agree.
  10. All the same to me guv 'nonces and grasses (and TA)', wouldnt have 'appened in the scrubs.

    In seriousness, are you actually telling me there is absolutely NO way on earth this gentleman could have this in his possession other than stealing it ? But no, in typical c*ckend fashion it goes straight on here for the world to see and make assumptions, maybe a message to him over fleabay to enquire, a gaugement of the facts recieved, then choose a course of action ??
    Half you c*nts have bought kit when serving knowing it came from a less than reputable source so clamber down off your horses.
  11. I can't see how he would have it legitimately when they are produced for the MOD, therefore the fact the he is selling this item of equipment (not for the benefit of the MOD) does infact lead me (and others) to consider the fact that it may indeed be stolen.

    In addition, if it is stolen which it most probably will have been leads me to ponder as to whether this thief is infact a "gentleman" as you have so eloquently put it.

    I would like to add further that you appear to have got on YOUR high horse in order to defend said individual from the outset, how touching I thought for someone who is a stranger. Or do you know him personally and feel that you must defend him.

    P.S. If buying kit from HM Supplies and the like is what you call less than reputable then yes we are all guilty.

    As you appear to be an extremely angry man, I am quite sure that you will not be able to restrain yourself from replying, therefore I look forward with eager anticipation.

    Ta Ta for now. :D
  12. Sorry, but you are wrong. If you tried to ring up the manufacturer and buy one they would not sell it to you. All current production is dedicated to meeting operational requirements or essential Test & Evaluation. Also, it is too new in service for the Disposal Services Agency to have sold off any surplus. QED it must have been stolen. I'm not sure if it is a classified item or not, but if it is, they are in even more hot water.
  13. Of course I know him, why else would I defend him ?

    I am not the angry type, it was initially tongue in cheek but you are evidently a bit of a drip and I can hear the whine in your voice from here so Im game.

    I repeat, why not approach the seller first ? It may be a copy/replica/cheap import, remember a lot of items on there are sold with pretty grandiose descriptions.
    It may be a civvy contractor, loads of guys (Turner and KBR for example) had to draw various bits of kit to enable them to fly into and out of both theatres, there isnt always someone there at the other end to ask for the bodyarmour back.
    Blah blah, instant outrage, instant log in to arrse, instant lettuces like you adjusting their ties, 'harumphing' loudly, pushing your specs back up your nose and typing furious indignation....You sir, are beef.

    If its nicked, he deserves to swing but the massed ranks of certain arrse whingers are on the case already !!
  14. who cares??

    To be honest there are probably easier ways for 'the enemy' to get hold of our body armour and If he gets caught he gets caught and should have known better then to sell blatant issued kit on ebay, the real weirdo here is the bloke bidding on the thing, 800squid???