OSPREY mk4 : Whats your setup.

Just wondering how everybody has set up the new osprey. Commanders pouch top center, med pouch right hand side as is mandatory.

This is what I have gone for at the minute. But anyone who has used it on ops, what did you end up taking off or putting on?
Although not out & about too much this time, I had mine similar to the older Osprey - a clean front as much as possible (just didn't like stuff on there), less pistol mag pouch (though rarely carried the bloody thing) and a grenade pouch. As much of the rest stuff I put on, or towards the sides.

I did knot some paracord through the loops of the velcro ammo pouches, just to make it easier to get a hold of them to open/shut them.


I carry my med pouch on the right hand side and wear a molle belt I got from HM Supplies with 3x 2mag pouches on the left and a smoke and HE grenade pouch on the right.
Sandbag and paracord. What else could you need for you load carrying needs?
Ammo pouch with 2x magazines on left, med kit on right and everything else in daysack.

Must be a touch difficult getting to the rest of your mags when you need them if they're in your daysack?
Front upper clean, less a sling which comes down centrally. RHS rear LMG pouch with Morphine, CAT and FFD, front right of 'flaps' Commanders Pouch ala Boris, the rest is on a Boris Battle Belt, 3 mag pouches, Holster, 2 9mm pouches and a strobe pouch.
The flaps pissed me off so I binned those and used the side closing. Admin panel central, med right was sop then I used a battle belt like everyone else.
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