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OSPREY mk4 : Whats your setup.

Although not out & about too much this time, I had mine similar to the older Osprey - a clean front as much as possible (just didn't like stuff on there), less pistol mag pouch (though rarely carried the bloody thing) and a grenade pouch. As much of the rest stuff I put on, or towards the sides.

I did knot some paracord through the loops of the velcro ammo pouches, just to make it easier to get a hold of them to open/shut them.


I carry my med pouch on the right hand side and wear a molle belt I got from HM Supplies with 3x 2mag pouches on the left and a smoke and HE grenade pouch on the right.
Front upper clean, less a sling which comes down centrally. RHS rear LMG pouch with Morphine, CAT and FFD, front right of 'flaps' Commanders Pouch ala Boris, the rest is on a Boris Battle Belt, 3 mag pouches, Holster, 2 9mm pouches and a strobe pouch.

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