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Osprey Mk 4 Side trauma plates.


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The pockets for trauma plates at the sides on Osprey Mk 4. Are there the same problems with the plates falling out during contact or in worst case taking an arm due to acting as a secondary projectile during an IED contact thus needing re-enforcing with black and nasty as did the old versions with the front and back plate. I ask just to settle a possible Walt. I knew on a few occasions where the back plate had shot out but first I heard of this one. I thought the plates were inserted bottom to top now. Any help much appreciated.
Front and backplates are bottom loading, side plates are top loading and have came out in IED blasts you can reinforce by tieing them down with para cord or plasti cuffs i doubt black nasty will hold in an IED strike.
hope that helps.
The side pockets seem just that little bit too small to make maximum use of the velcro closure...or is that just on mine?