Osprey Helmet Pouch

Made one of these up for a Solider in the British Forces to be attached to the Osprey vest ,I've being making this pouch for the rucksacks I make for quite a few years.
So if you would to have a look please do

Helmet Pouch for the Osprey vest

Thanks yours
Reg646 :D
Couldn't help noticing you'd recruited Demi Moore to model the bergans...

Regiment646 said:
My friends Girlfriend :D
The Rucksack is not bad looking either
Was this before or after the split with Bruce...?

There's something about that haircut!!
What I'd be looking for is a kit I can get a local tailor to sew on my ruck or other kit where it suits me. I always plan for the worst. Attached to the back of a ruck, my helmet is of no use to me. Attached to the top, I can't get to it either.
I'd love to attach it to my ruck for marching, but I need to be able to access it from the prone position. Therefore, I'd want it on the side, above a rocket pouch, where I can reach over with my left hand, undo only one clip, and immediately gain control of the helmet.
Lefties should be able to put it on the left side of their ruck (for those in a military that has left-handed gats). It also should be adjustable for different types of helmets. Does that make sense?

PS: Having a kit to sew on makes extra sense for people like me. I'm off on a journalism trip next month to Afghanistan. I'll be wearing body armor with vanilla MOLLE attachments and civvy gear. If I could attach my helmet pouch through MOLLE or sew it onto a civvy ruck, that would do the trick. Plenty of other journos and non-conventional types out there that require flexibility.

Oh, and keep up the good work! I hope you're making a decent living off of this.

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