Osprey Compatible grab bag

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Purple_Emperor, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Got a friend in Helmand who has asked me to find him a 'grab bag, which clips onto the clips on the side of Osprey and can take magazines, FFD, tourniquet and some water'.

    He's also after a leg holster for his pistol which is easy to get to when wearing Osprey.

    Can anyone give me any suggestions?

    Many thanks
  2. try troopers in colchester or jayjays in brecon both will make what you want to specific design needs. as for leg holster try usmc in portsmouth.
  3. The secretary of state for defence issues the exact item you are after to every serving soldier, it is called a respirator haversack!

    A good holster for your 'friend' would be the vanguard classic 3-way, it will drop below osprey when being worn, on belt when not.
  4. Might not be exactly what your after but this looks close from soldier of fortune.


    webbing bergans/molle/ruksack


    TOP Bandolier bag
    ref code: MAC478

  5. cheers all, keep the ideas coming - they will all be going in an ebluey tomorrow out there to see what he wants me to get for him
  6. This man bag is very good by Troopers of Colchester, it's around 44 -50 squid:

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  7. www.onpatrol.co.uk

    never tried their range personally but it has been designed for use with osprey[​IMG]
  8. It will have to be a heavy duty grab bag to hold mags/water/med kit.(making it heavy before you put kit in it!) this will also bounce around if your on your toes, so you'll need a waist strap.
    I've made a few of these bags now and they are mainly used by troops working in/from vehicles. Well atleast the guys who have bought mine have been, not sure how practical they are out on patrol?
    I'm still working on my grab bag design, so anyone with ideas or input please let me know.
  9. RE if you make these any chance of some pictures and prices looking for one for Afgan
  10. I'm preparing a few at the moment i'll try to get stitching as soon as i can.
    How long til your needing it welsh?
  11. RE middle of next month just in time for Christmas :-( Joy of joys how much are yours?
  12. welsh-wanderer if you want to PM me we can chat about a cost, really depends on what your requiring.
  13. i think soldier of fortune do a desert dpm one which looks alright.

    have a look on their website.