OSPREY body armour

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by GLESGA-NED, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. I have posted this topic to get a general consensus on Osprey body armour and to see if the introduction of this equipment has been influenced more by non-military voices, the government sh1ting themselves. Or was it given a good going over by soldiers, who after all are the end customer.

    My personal opinion on Osprey, and I will say now that I'm not Infantry and am lucky (depends on how you look at it!) to be vehicle mounted all the time and because of this Osprey has been alright for me. However being able to fire a weapon using it is a f*cking nightmare. And I would also like to add I have big respect for all the Infantry lads on the ground running around wearing this gear whilst carrying everything else.
  2. It seems to be getting bad press but if its saving the Lads lives well it gets the thumbs up from me. Sounds stupid I know but I did hear it gets easier to shoulder your weapon when the armour is worn in more and got use to ?
    Is there a certain number of ammo pouches you get issued with it or as many as you can get your hands on ? Talking of the pouches, apart from the ammo pouches what other type of pouches are issued with it ?
  3. 63: Your basic issue of pouches are 2x ammo and 1x medical pouch. All I've tended to do is ask the lads who prefer to wear assault vests for their pouches. I find it easier in a veh.
  4. Ammo, med, AGL and a few more pouches are made for it. Depends on what the unit has asked for as to whats in the QMs. It simple and easy to get others made. Trouble is that commanders\QMs don't like doing the requests. Badger them if the kit doesn't meet your requirement!

    As for the other issues, I does get easier to shoulder the weapon over time and it easier with the modified cover which has a shoulder pad. It is heavy but thats because the original requirement was so high. There would be some serious complaints if it was made to a spec that was below the threat.

    There is lighter stuff but its all a trade off. I know that the agility \ protection issues are doing the rounds now.
  5. I have heard that certain regiments are not using this stuff unless in fixed positions as you can't get around properly. Is that true?
  6. Nothing new in this, the same happened with INIBA armour, many units not wearing INIBA for dismounted rural patrols, whereas high risk jobs such as gate sentries and some vehicle drivers often had the full torso plates.
  7. I've just taken delivery of samples Vanguard's new range of pouches for Osprey and Kestrel. These will be single ammo (3 mags), double ammo (6 mags), 4 x UGL and FFD. All in desert cam and to MoD spec. These will be available for purchase soon. Any one wanting more info can ask here or PM me. Enquiries can also be made through http://www.ukkitmonster.com/

    An announcement will be posted here when stock is available for delivery.

  8. Hi Kit-monster person

    No mention of a water bottle/large utility pouch, bit odd that int-it?
  9. Can you not strip this osprey/kestrel stuff down so you just wear the plates?
    Could have sworn i've seen pics of PF doing that?
  10. The OSPREY is a good bit of kit, although short on the pouches side of life. I used to place my pouches on a 58' pattern belt like in N Ireland, instead of it hanging off my body armour. Wearing it while escorting convoys on long moves tends to make you want piss every hour, as it applies pressure to your bladder!
  11. In that BBC documentary on 3 Cdo Bde's Brigade Recce Force in AFG at least one Marine is wearing just plates.
  12. I think if it was personal preference i'd go for the just plates option, I'd favour manouverability over protection!
    ...Plus it definately looks alot more ally! :D
  13. on telic i had the ammo pouches on a green belt. Was easier for gettin in and out of the snatch.
  14. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The kit is designed to be flexible depending on threat and role (I work with one of the guys who was on the design team).

    For maximum protection - fit all the shoulder pieces, the collar and the large plates.

    For maximum mobility - don't wear it.

    As per usual, it will probably be a compromise - large plates/small plates, collar yes/no etc etc. It is up to commanders to make the decision.