OSPREY & Attaching Ites

As per the latest OPTAG briefs, attaching items to the front of your OSPREY is now a big no no, and looking at the photos, I agree with them, I kind of like my jaw being attached to my face. So for the lads that have just got back off H14, how were you carrying your kit?
This has been asked many times before, and they told us the same last year about not attaching things to the front of OSPREY so it has not just changed.

Do a search and you will find the answer to your question.
Wear important kit where it's best suited. If you step on an IED you're fúcked anyway.

Or put it all out of the way and get shot.
Done to death on this thread:

I think we evenaully came to the conclsuion that it was quite possible to go 'minimalist', with ammo and utility pouches as far round to the sides as possible (a la PLCE). Things like9-liner cards, an FFD and an admin pouch aren't too much of an issue, but the old 'allyness saves lives' approach of pistols, bayonets etc in the front loops like some kind of Mexican bandito is a definite no-no.
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