Osprey armour??

Looking for some. I figure it's probably a little dodgy asking around for any, but a complete osprey armour vest would be a lovely addition to the growing collection of military protective vests I tend to throw stupid amounts of money at. The covers are obviously common, but the guts are really hard to come by for obvious reasons. In a perfect world, it'd be about the 6 foot tall, 40 inch chest range. Will pay a decent sum, or if you'd be willing to swap for some US kit, I'm open. Cheers.
By simply joining the British Army you can get a set for the princely sum of absolutely nothing. Or failing that ask the Taliban, they have a few sets and no fricken idea what to do with them.
Bit of a strange question. What would you want it for? If you had a good enough, legitimate reason then you could go to the manufacturers and ask them. Assuming that you are from the US, my understanding is that the ownership of body armour by civilians is prohibited in most states.

As the Osprey plates are ludicrously expensive, there aren't many spare ones knocking around. Even if there were, I'd like to think that the soldier who had them would have better judgement than to offer UK protective equipment to some random bloke on the Internet. While you may just be a sad individual who collects body armour or who likes dressing up as a soldier, there are no doubt those out there who would be keen to know the capabilities of UK military equipment for various nefarious reasons.
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