Osprey and pouches

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 307, May 23, 2007.

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  1. 307

    307 War Hero

    I know a lot of lads are moving towards using Osprey with pouches atached drectly to the armour, I tried this and for a rifleman it's quite good, you just have to make sure you distribute the wight evenly and don't have it all hanging off your front or it's a hangout anyway to the point. Whilst the modular idea is good are there any plans to actually issue properly compatible MLCE type pouches like the yanks have as I have used these on Osprey and they fit erfectly and hold securely as a pose to the issued pouches which don't stay nearly as secure and rigid, unless you bodge them on. But the MLCE attachments are awesome.
  2. There is a new and much improved vest in bound. It comes with 17 pouches that are compatible with the Osprey cover. In the near future a basic webbing system will be developed along with a new Bergen. Therefore you will be able to use the same pouches on the outside of your Bergen, on the webbing, the assault vest and the Osprey cover. This modular system is the way forward. It allows the soldier and commander to decide what needs to be carried for the specific mission. There are some issues about about training people to make an informed decision but it is the only sensible answer

    I have played with the new vest and pouches, its the best bit of kit I have seen in ages. The pouch attachments and closing mechanism seem to as good, if not better, than the Molle system the Yanks and Canadians use.
  3. 307

    307 War Hero

    kitmonster you're to good to us with all this hot gen on kit. Any idea how soon we can expect to see these new molle rigs?
  4. Kitmonster, as in the website?, well if you are bravo on selling useful kit I'll actually use! and no Web-tex in sight, another triumph!!
  5. no. that's me. But thanks for the plug, can I quote you? (again)
  6. Feel free mate, I tell all our new blokes (and old sweat's) that if they're buying kit they should go to your website as whoever runs it clearly knows what the blokes actually use/need on excersise/operations. Well done! - Arsse kissing ends, lol :D
  7. kitmonster - how about some pictures (splash proof)?
  8. Not the same kit monster! I couldn't believe after years of Arrse the name was still available when I signed up recently!

    As you will gather Kit_monster is trade and I'm in the 'system'. The contract is placed for the first batch of vests and last I heard they were due in about now. Give some time for the DSDA system to get them out and you will start to see them mid-June? Limited numbers at first and going to those that really need them most then to a wider distribution. I've finally got a chance to take some leave so I will not be back in until Wednesday. I'll track one down and take a picture. We have two people visiting HERRICK in the next couple of days and alone with other things will be taking over a few samples.
  9. Neither can I. They wouldn't let me have it...
  10. Can you two get together and maybe one of you have a name change please?

    I am only a simple bloke and my brain is all confused!