Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by marcmvv45, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. does anyone know where you can get pouches from, all info welcome
  2. when you get to the shitty place! the local septic px sell the spec ops variety which fit very well :D
  3. CQC Limited in Barnstaple ( 00441271 345678) makes osprey covers and pouches , good idea to try them first. They also make lots of other pouches and webbings. www.cqc.co.uk
  4. Just bouht a couple of these, not cheap, but b####y good standard, as usual. Thanks kitty-kitty-monster
  5. I've made A Modular Belt kit using Pouches that attach with Annex clips ,The Pouches can Also Attach on to the Osprey .
    Here's a photo of me Using it a month ago,
    Modular belt kit from Smamit
  6. Nice beer belly, is it all your own work?
  7. Shakespeare always tried to show that Lady Macbeth was the real tyrant; it looks as if he was right and you are living up to her name!

  8. Nah ,Drink Wine most of the time :D The belt kit does show you where to drop a few kilos ,anyway the training put the boot into us not bad for 41 eh.
    The Moudlar kit was very usefull as I could add or change to what I needed.
    Smamit's Custom made kit
  9. Tyrant? I'm a Kingmaking Political Genius.
  10. Drink wine, are you sure? I would not think you had time, what with all the big-macs and spare ribs you must eat with yur figure!
  11. More like Falafel and Salads here :D
    Don't forget the Osprey Pouches Eh :wink: