Discussion in 'RAC' started by redlandyard, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Thats it then. QDG have left Imphal Barracks in Osnabruck and no more RAC in Osnatraz. Bye Bye the DAB, Kleine Mann and Jim Blakes. Regrets or good news. Lots of good memories for me in Dodesheide. You?
  2. ....So no more chucking 3 para down the stairs at the Skatch to see if they could fly........!!
  3. Where have QDG moved to?
  4. Hope this is no Wah!!!!

    They have moved into Dempsey Bks, Sennelager in replacement of 12 Regt RA.

  5. Thank you, genuine question.
  6. Have spent many a night in Traz, was there from 88-96 and 2001-2004 and what a night life. Subways, Miami Vice, Broadways, Swiebel and other wonderful pubs in the AlStadt. Having also had two years at Dempsey Barracks with 12 Regt your lads will be dissapointed with Sennelager strip on the p*ss and also Paderbourn compared to Traz.

    When does 1 Bn move out of Mercer yo go to Catterick, it must be in the next few months?

    Good by Traz some fond memories as Ive spent half my career over there.
  7. Imphal barracks was my first posting. (1973) Only spent 3 months there before 1 RTR left for Omagh. 2 pubs really spring to mind, The "Hansa" near the SKC cinema in Dodeshide ( my first ever german beer) and the DAB, where I learned what was meant by the word "rough" :D
  8. Also my first 'senior' posting (Jan 72-Mar 73) and have fond memories of the place. Tiny forgot to mention the Kleineman where me and Dinger took him on arrival - guess who got ratted???
  9. Must have spent nine years there with 4RTR; that's a reasonable chunk of anyone's life. Always thought it was the best posting in BAOR; apart from the rain that is!