21 Engr will be leaving in 3 years, for Ripon.

Hi Mate

I did 3 1/2 years at the traz with 2ADER/25 Engr Regt RE Wksp in Roberts Bks. You wont be disappointed.
Served four years in Osnabruck, met my German wife there. She showed me a great deal of Osnabruck many of the Brits who take there Island abroad with them do not see.

It is a lovely old town with lots of history. Some fabulous restaurants and some lovely friendly bars hidden away in the back-streets. It has a bar that plays live Jaz music every Sunday near the old town wall gate, and some very good shopping areas.

The Garrison facilities, though adequate, pale into squalor by comparison.

As John said, you will not be disappointed.
Lived in Osnabrück since 1997 and still serving.

Married a local and when I leave the green machine I most certainly will be settleing down here.

Not all of Osnabrück will be closing. The 20X badged people will be staying
is top place tras out of all places wouldnt say is best unit but not too bad quite good social side to it but as said before in earlier comments loads to do especially if you can work out there are nore than half a dozen pubs and two clubs unlike most people in tras but again thankgod they cant work it out as would only spoil them
Had 2 RA postings in my time (Lippstadt and Dortmund) and apart from a bit of bullsh@t they are not a bad lot.
4 Guns is wicked.

Just about to lose top OC, but the rest of the heirachy are all good lads.

Presently in Cyprus till Oct, then a quiet year next.

LAD bar still best on camp and like has been said before town is great
Don't do 32s, the birds aren't up to much - House of bremens alright - they used to wake my up early enough to get back to work after falling asleep on the job! :lol:

traz is quality though - gotta be better than hohne anyway

i loved my time in the traz and i'm guuted i can't get back - still watch out for crazy barmaids - the one i was seeing wanted me to move in after a week - thank christ for postings, she was mad!
This is official Osnabruck Garrison WILL be closing by 2009 with 4 Bde returning to UK That is straight from Ministerial level & I have the letter to prove it & in 3 years I WILL ALSO HAVE my UB 40 to confirm it ....in the meantime have a great time it can be a great place despite it's reputation .......!!!

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