Osnabruck Station closedown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thepatrolman, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. We have been told today that Osnabruck station will close offically on 31 Mar 2009.

    :( :( :(
  2. Well look on the bright side one less sh1thole to get posted to :p
  3. I was in Scarborough Barracks (Colditz) in the mid 80's.

    I for one will not lament the passing of the Traz. Having said that, I'd rather be there than Catterfuckingick. Too close to Sluggy ! ;-)
  4. Not as many nightclubs - What DO they call the Scorpian now
  5. If I am correctly informed, it is now called Lidl...
  6. Rofl
  7. UKBCs and Uncivil Servants all scrambling for jobs in Sennelager and Hohne then?

    When's JHQ meant to switch the lights off?
  8. Outstanding will be along in a moment with news. He has a real Hard On for the subject
  9. So if Osnabruck station is to close, then whats happening to Munster? Or is it being lumped in with Osnabruck?
  10. Munster is not to close before 2010
  11. when they've finished turning osnabruck into immigrant internment camp they'll decide on the ARRC apparently.

    Although realistically if the afghan deployment doesn't end up as a total gang fcuk then they'll let us keep playing with our NATO allies if not bye bye LOA, hello another crap UK posting.
  12. Is it as sh*t as Fally ?
  13. I am posted to Osnabruck next month :?

    I asked to go to germany so I shouldn't complain. I had heard of this news before, so I am expecting the place to wind down towards the end of my tour.
  14. Fifty percent of my tour in Osnabruck was great. That's because it was spent on snow 500 miles south.
  15. I lived in the Traz for 9 years and always thought we had the better deal, certainly much nicer than Hohne or F'in B. Then again, I was pretty mingin' most of the time.....