osnabruck late 70s


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44walsh said:
[align=center]looking to piece some history together can anyone tell me what units were at bobs bks in the late 70's[/align]
2 Armd Div Engr Regt
2 Armd Div Fd Amb
Postal & Couriers
Int Corps
43 Indp Fd Sup Sqn RE

The link has got it wrong

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right that makes a bit more sense, chears
now all i need is the unit which left in the begining of 1978 around aprill may ish time ?? here was a load of guys that left at the same time
any idea??
44walsh said:
not sure, there was loads of taffs. when roughly did they leave the bks :?
I think the Staffords had a block across red square from the then 7 Field Ambulance but I think they left in about 75/76 time when 3 Para took over from 1 Staffs in Quebec Bks. 43 Ind Sup Sqn RE moved into the old Staffs accommodation in Roberts after their move from Quebec on the amalgamation of 23 & 25.

23 and 25 Engineer Regiments amalgamated to form 2 Armoured Division Engineer Regiment at about the same time (75/76). 2 ADRE went to NI in 77 so must have been amalgamated at least a year before then. 7 RHA moved into Roberts into the half of the camp vacated by 25 Engr Regt on amalgamation.

Other Regiments in Osna around that time were:

1 Staffs / 3 Para
QOH / 1 D&D / I Kings
RSDG / 5th Skins
plus all the usual brigade support stuff and garrison admin.

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