osnabruck late 70s

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 44walsh, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. [align=center]looking to piece some history together can anyone tell me what units were at bobs bks in the late 70's[/align]
  2. link

    goggle working well this morning.
  3. 2 Armd Div Engr Regt
    2 Armd Div Fd Amb
    7 RHA
    Postal & Couriers
    Int Corps
    43 Indp Fd Sup Sqn RE

    The link has got it wrong

    Taking part in a return to Osnabruck 7-10 Oct, will be drunk in the Winkle
  4. right that makes a bit more sense, chears
    now all i need is the unit which left in the begining of 1978 around aprill may ish time ?? here was a load of guys that left at the same time
    any idea??
  5. would it have been the staffords seem to remember them having the block behind 25s officers mess
  6. not sure, there was loads of taffs. when roughly did they leave the bks :?
  7. I think the Staffords had a block across red square from the then 7 Field Ambulance but I think they left in about 75/76 time when 3 Para took over from 1 Staffs in Quebec Bks. 43 Ind Sup Sqn RE moved into the old Staffs accommodation in Roberts after their move from Quebec on the amalgamation of 23 & 25.

    23 and 25 Engineer Regiments amalgamated to form 2 Armoured Division Engineer Regiment at about the same time (75/76). 2 ADRE went to NI in 77 so must have been amalgamated at least a year before then. 7 RHA moved into Roberts into the half of the camp vacated by 25 Engr Regt on amalgamation.

    Other Regiments in Osna around that time were:

    1 Staffs / 3 Para
    QOH / 1 D&D / I Kings
    A&SH / 1 DERR
    RSDG / 5th Skins
    plus all the usual brigade support stuff and garrison admin.