Osment Bint Sh1t Heed Deed ?

Well, it'd be a nice Christmas present if it's true.
First posted september 23, 2006.
It may well be true, and it may well be a nice christmas present - but It was pribably a nice christmas present last year too :p .

Still, live in the sticks, die in the sticks I suppose.
I can't agree with the portion of the article saying that since OBL has not done anything major since 2001 he must be dead.

Remember, the time between the World Trade Center bombing (Feb 1993) and World Trade Center attack on Sept. 11th, 2001 was 8&1/2 years. He waited but no one can say he didn't have a well operation at the end of that time.
He doesn't have to do anything, just be there. He is the figurehead, it is the underlings who are trying to drive the global jihad forward. AQ could just keep on pushing out audio tapes purporting to be from OBL for many years. just make them poor quality and crackly and it would pass the technological scanning test.

If he is dead, I hope he is roting in hell, if not I hope he is dying painfully of typhoid in Pakistan.
Dead? Nah.

He's in a suite in the Islamabad Hilton, where he plays a weekly rubber of bridge with Elvis, Lord Lucan and Shergar.
Since the article is a year old, hopefully the bones have stopped smelling by now

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