Osman the tailor - Nicosia

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Jankers, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Heard lots about this this chap, all of it good. Can anyone comment, give me an address or directions on foot from Ledra? (Haven't had the pleasure of a Cyprus tour but am off there on holiday).


  2. Cross the Green line at Ledra Palace. After less than 100m, turn right at the first junction. This will take you over a bridge to the old city wall. Take a half left. After about another 100m, you will see the Nicosia council buildings (old British colonial government building) on your left. Take a left turn down a fairly dingy street just before the council building. take the next right (Prison Street?) and Osmans is about halfway down on your left. He will send you back to the Greek side to buy the cloth from a shop just outside on the old town (I´ve got the card somewhere, I´ll dig it out). Osman will need at least a week from start to finish depending on his work load. There is no problem carrying the cloth to the north, but there is a problem carrying the finished product south. The Greeks will either charge a ridiculous amount of duty, or more likely, confiscate the suit. You need to get a mate in Ledra Palace to take it through the Guard Room between the Greek and Turkish check points. You then whip round to the vehicle entrance on the Greek side to pick it up. Alternatively, he can post it to you in UK, but we´re not talking modern mail order here.

    Osman (Donny to his mates) is a very nice old man and a tailoring genius. He told me last year that his wife is trying to make him retire. It will be a sad day when he does. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES go to any of the other charlatain tailors in Episkopi or Akrotiri. Good luck
  3. Good lord, Is he still going ?

    I bought my first suit from him in 1983. Very good tailor.

    (Cloth from Mr Prestitis)
  4. Thanks Jorrocks.
    As it happens I have a contact with an excellent cloth supplier in Yorkshire, from whom I thoroughly recommend any chap to buy a suit length before visiting a tailor (and will PM the details if anyone wants). I am going to take a couple of lengths to Mr Osman, ask him to get me to first fitting and then post the finished product to me in UK - hopefully this will work and I am prepared to cover his costs very generously as I have had many recommendations about him.

    The hopefully increasingly well-clothed Mr J.
  5. Mr Osman is a cracking tailor, however very particular. It takes him at least three fittings to get it right from his perspective. I wish you luck, but I doubt he'll send you the finished product after only one fitting.
  6. Make sure you take the tape off him before he does the inside leg measurement.
  7. Just for interest, I think it was his brother that worked in the QM's office at St Davids Camp (Mr Halitosis).
  8. Cloth supplied by Savvas Prastitis; tailoring by Irfan & Osman. This pragmatic 'cross-the-line' partnership has been going for donkey's. We had our tropicals etc done by them in 1978! At that time, both would take UK cheques to be paid into an account in the UK. Funny thing was, it was the same account.
  9. Excellent Tailor, made me a terrific blazer in 1975. Never had the mess about at the border then as we ran it!!
  10. Just a quick one on him allowing a suit to go before he has given you three fittings. He made me a 3 piece and a jacket about 2 months ago just from taking my measurements. I was only out there for a week to visit my Regt. Got one set of measurments done, one of the lads in the mess brought it back at the end of the tour, and it fits like a glove. Great tailor highly recommended!!! But yes do be careful of that inside leg measurement....he does take a long time over it.
  11. I had four 3 piece suits and a cashmere smoking jacket made. He took one set of measuremnets and made all 5 garments in 3 sittings. I too, experienced no nonesense at the border the Turkish Cypriots were very wilco.
  12. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Osman is a very, very good tailor, but he is also a very, very dead tailor.

    (Nothing to do with me - I was told by a chum recently in Cyprus)
  13. Hmmm...you have an alibi Napier but what about this "chum" - presumably another steely eyed dealer of death like your good self??
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Plenty of other decent tailors in Lefcosia - and half the male population are called "Osman"...........
  15. Amazed if the same bloke who looked after me (excellently, btw) is still alive or working.