OSM - so why a new medal for Iraq?

I was under the impression that the Operational Service Medal (OSM) was to be issued for multiple theatres with the differences being the outer ribbon colour and the issuing or non-issuing of a clasp, so why therefore did the MOD see fit to institute a brand new medal for Iraq which seems to go against the whole point of the OSM, surely using the above methods would have made more sense :?
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i hope this clears up your querey

the osm is intended for minor campaigns for which a seperate medal is not awarded. It replaces the General Service Medal1962 , except for NI and Air Ops In Iraq. it has so far been awarded for ops in A fghanistan( from Sep 11 2001), Sierra leone (5 may 2000-31 July 2002) and the democratic of Congo( 14 june-10 sept 2003). In the case of the last two, awards are denoted by rossetes on the ribbon,as for the South Atlantic Medal. The clasp AFGHANISTAN was instituted in October 2003for service there since 11 sept 2001 burt rossete is affixed on the ribbon when only the ribbon is worn
so Iraq was classed as a major conflict which in its self warranted its own campaign medal, bearing in mind the first Gulf medal had a date bar as with the Iraq medal could you imagine the mess the osm would look if you done sierra leone , afghanistan , iraq congo, there be clasps rossetes all over the place hope this helps

I believe the Rossete for the OSM (Sierra Leone) was only issued the those on Op Baras as I'm not aware of anyone (Including myself) having been issued one on Op Basillica/Silkman.
hi cow
yes that is what i believe to be correct, too .
I have a GSM 62 ribbon with 5 clasps......was stopped by a serving officer from 13 AA RLC at a military function....asked what are they for "told him"
4 for undetected crime and one for the "rooti gong".....
you might be entitled to the accum camp serv medal if you racked up 36 mths campaign service since aug 14 1969 joking apart with 5 clasps you prob will be qualified pm me
Sludge......I am well past it......now called a OAP!...but did do 25yrs


War Hero
boris7 said:
Sludge......I am well past it......now called a OAP!...but did do 25yrs
Doesn't matter. If you did 36 months in an area which warranted a clasp for the GSM 62 after qualifying for your NI bar post '69, then you would be entitled and should drop a line to the medal office.
you would be surprised on the amount of ex service personnel who dont know of there entitlement to this medal. the amount of tours line regts and corps done in norther n ireland in the 70,s 80,s these people probably dont know of it if they left before jan 94. especially if they cut themselves off from military associations since leaving . i think there should be an agency set up purposeley to issue medals to persons not applied for, all campaigns
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