OSM Libya?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RoyalMarine1995, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Well, Navy is involved, RAF is involved, Army looks like it is about to be deployed...
    (Not exactly a good thing)

    But if (when?) it does happen .....why ever not?
  2. I hope we don't get too deep into this war, but should it happen why won't there be a medal?
  3. Because most of the world's metal and nickel resources went into making your head dobber you ******* retard.
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  4. There probably will, and it would probably be covered by the OSM. The OSM is just an updated GSM so it is just a case of get Her Majesty to sign off on the criteria and cut a bar or 1,000.

    Or somesort of UN assembled gash is given out.
  5. 5A.....you're wrong.....they're saving it all for the Battle of Jubilee (Mk 2) and the NDM.
  6. The NDM is deemed so special (by the special people) that it can only be made from the mythical white dogshite wrapped in an 'O' grade SJAR of a STAB.
  7. I stand corrected! Whatever happened to white dogshite.....a puzzle greater than the Holy Grail.
  8. I know! I know!! It's to do with the ingredients that used to be used in dog food, that are no longer used.
  9. It was found in Belfast on a cold winters night :)
  10. Where does it say that the Army is getting involved? and how many times are you going to ask about an OSM or any medal for that point?

    Even if the Army do get involved you with a RM user name(if you are indeed a Royal)wouldn't be involved now would you?
  11. Well I never!!! A Blue Peter badge for Mr Smudge......now, any idea where the Holy Grail is?
  12. Whats the score with your user name ? I'll be the first to admit Royal has it's fair share of aborted brain merchants but your quite unique..what troop were you and what year and month did you pass off ?
  13. Sir...sir...pick me...and cos we pick it up now instead of leaving it for Grannies to slip in (which was WAY more fun)
  14. I never recall white dogshite being slippy to be honest it was always hard and tended to crumble like a hobnob if you stood on it.
  15. Yup. It's 2" south of Cheryl Cole's front bottom, ringed by dank black hair and smells of pooey honey.