OSM Afghanistan with clasp question

Discussion in 'Medals' started by WobbilyHead, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Edited to hopefully make better sense.

    I couldn't find a thread that solved a discussion we were having today and hope someone can help, the three statements below cover the 3 stances people took on qualifying for the OSM Afghanistan with clasp.

    1. To qualify for the OSM wih clasp you have to serve 30 days continuous within Afghanistan (for a period last year), this includes Helmand, kabul and Kandahar. The Din seems to support this.

    2. To qualify for the OSM and clasp it is service in Helmand only, as it's meant to signify service in a more dangerous area within our main effort.

    3. for the OSM with clasp it is service in zone 1 (not sure what zone 1 covers)

    The discussion came about as one the lads just did 4 months in Kabul and after people winding him up about the clasp. In the end no one could decide which of the 3 it was, hopefully someone can shed some light if the osm WITH clasp is awarded for Kabul.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Your question doesn't make sense. Read it again and edit as required.
  3. https://www.gov.uk/medals-campaigns-descriptions-and-eligibility#afghanistan-operational-service-medal-formerly-the-osm-for-op-veritas
  4. Who cares where people serve over there, we all have our own roles to carry out I've never been to Helmand but I probably saw more than those that have. The Threat comes in different guises. If you don't like having to go to the 'shit' get a different job. Easy in it?
  5. In fact I have, have on two or three occasions! I must be drinker than I thought

  6. Hopefully it makes sense to people other than me now!

  7. Not quite sure how this was perceived as a moan about going to the shit? merely about service in different parts of it. And your right no one does care but people do like a bit of banter.
  8. Er...Afghan + Clasp = any ******* where in the country...Covers Herrick, Veritas and Fingal

    and Yes 30 days in country.

    Kabul has nothing to do with it......
  10. Anywhere in Afghanistan = OSM + Clasp. So, as you have been on the lash since 11 I'll make it clear: 30 days in Kabul gets you an OSM and Clasp.
  11. Never any doubt
  12. no problem, a better day than me then!

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  13. Age 11?
  14. As far as I'm aware the only difference was that you only got to wear the rosette on your ribbon bar on your 2's if it was for a tour in Helmand.