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Discussion in 'Medals' started by Bravo2zer0, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. Guys...anyone know the answer to this one?...
    I returned from afghan in early april after substaining a back injury during the course of my job out there.
    i was 3 days short of 30 days required to qualify for the OSM ( or so i thought)
    on returning to my unit in the UK, i was informed because it wasnt my choice to come back, and the only reason i did come back was for an MRI scan which couldnt be done in bastion, that i would still qualify for the medal because i was aeromedded out and sent straight to hospital.I argued with everyone up to a Col to let me complete my tour, but was told i had to fly back the the sodding scan!

    Now im being told different stories , and that i will NOT qualify as i wasnt out there for the qualifying period.. which is confusing the fcuk out of me and no one seems to want to give me a staright answer!
    The other guys in my regt flew out to Germany for the medals parade today, im still left without an answer.....2 months on!

    :judge: please can someone help me so i know either way, and if i dont qualify, any chance of tagging on to someone elses tour to complete :)
  2. I can't answer that question for you, but if you're only looking for fanny magnets, you're wasting your time here. Just go to the J1 office and get the DS answer.
  3. This has been done before, not sure what the outcome was though but if you do a search.
  4. I was told this had happened too, and because of the aeromed, and the hospital stay, the award was made.

  5. Been to the J1 and it was a cpl there who told me i would be eligib le ...still waiting to hear back from a long line of enquiries..
  6. Anyone in the know able to help?
  7. Not too sure but the days you did do would go towards the ACSM anyway, but I think you have to serve the full 30 days continously as a oner.
  8. The key wording in JSP 761 is that if your early exit from theatre is "on account of death, wounding or other disability due to operational service, the reduced period of service will be sufficient qualification for the award of the OSM for service in Afghanistan".

    So, if you can prove your disability was due to operational service you would be entitled.

    I had this happen to one of my soldiers, I sent a medal application, a copy of his medical records and a covering letter explaining the circumstances and a covering letter to the MODMO and a shiny medal arrived in due course.

    Get your 2ic or OC onside and get them to draft something up.